Kinzinger 2.0

No explanation needed.
A screenshot should do?

There has been talk that a Hillary Clinton - Liz Cheney presidential ticket would be a great unifier for the country in 2024. Is anyone on that bandwagon?

I do think that ticket would make a great unifying force. Literally nobody would want to vote for them, thus unifying the country with a common enemy.

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We are in agreement on that, @Gene. It would hard to think of a more repulsive pair.

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Ted Cruz - Michael Bloomberg


Oh that’s a good one

Somehow Marjorie Green Taylor - illhan Omar maybe they realize they have one single issue that unites them “Jewish question”. Jewish Space Lazers bring them together I dunno.

At least you are half right, @Unitedwestand. Michael Bloomberg is an arrogant jerk, who thinks he has the right to control human beings.

One half cold calculating monster, other half parading buffoon minion.

I’ll take Cruz. I wrote him in in 2016.

You will never practice the “Bill Buckley creed” will you, @Fantasy_Chaser. As Bill said “It’s better to get half a loaf than nothing.” With Hillary and Biden, you get less than nothing. Even Glen Beck learned that lesson.

I voted Jill Stein in 2016 horrid mistake when I saw how close it was in Michigan. 4 years of Trump. I don’t think you realized how much people both hated Trump and Hillary.

I learned that my conscience- which I wouldn’t have except that God gave it to me- trumps gaming the outcome of elections. The Bible says the world will go to pot no matter who’s running the government. My job is to make sure I don’t sell my soul in the process.

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