KLOBY has dropped out

Klobumentum is reached it’s peak…at 3 percent. I suspect she got THE call from The Kenyan Prince. Gotta make sure Biden gets it and we’ll have another Obama term.

Will endorse Sleepy Joe. There’s a reward in there. Same for Buttigiggles.

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Speaking of Sleepy Joe …

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I am in favor of any political strategy that helps to keep Sanders out of the Whitehouse. He is a threat to every economic value that we hold dear. He is a destroyer of wealth for everyone, except himself.

Given the uphill battle that every Republican faces to win the presidency, I don’t want Sanders only one election away from becoming President.

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He’s 78. How much longer can this guy do his evil.

If he doesn’t get the nomination this time, we will be rid of him. There will be others to take his place in 2024. Believe it or not, they are already making “AOC in ‘24” buttons.

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They never give up on destroying the country.

I looked it up, and AOC will be a year short of the required age of 35 to run for President in 2024.

So far as her mental age goes, will it matter? She’ll be as dumb at age 65 as she is now. She is incapable of learning the truth. You can’t fix stupid.