Knife-Wielding Muslim Student in Merced Was 'Inspired by ISIS'


Knife-Wielding Muslim Student in Merced Was 'Inspired by ISIS

WALSH MARCH 18, 2016

You knew this was coming:

[quote]A California university student whowent on a campus stabbing rampage that wounded four people before he was shot down by a campus police officer was inspired by Islamic State but acted alone, the FBI said Thursday.
Faisal Mohammad, 18, appears to have become self-radicalized, drawing his inspiration from terrorist propaganda that he found online, authorities said. The freshman studying at the University of California, Merced burst into a classroom on Nov. 4, slashing four over a dispute about a study group.

So what if he “acted alone”? So-called “lone wolf” jihadism is just as dangerous to any innocents caught in its path as anything ISIS or al-Qaeda can mount.[/quote]
Gee! It only took 4 months for the Feds to admit the grossly obvious. Until the full scope of the threat potential is recognized there will be gaping holes through which killers like this guy or the couple in San Bernardino will slip.