Know thy Enemy


I am on a couple of hard line far left feeds (its the soldier in my that made me study Russian tactics so I could defeat them).

Folks I am here to tell you the far left machine is in full force at every state in the US and they are dealing the cards, they intend to defeat Trump in 2020 and there is a VERY GOOD chance they will. I say this only because we are not playing by the same rules nor do we have a Soros who is financing the deal. The Koch brothers are at best slightly to the right of middle ground, but have plenty of left of center leanings. Their world is capitalism and as long as that stay more or less intact they are fine.

One has to remember the whole basis for far left/socialism/communism is based upon capitalism and its money creation, without it it is a no launch ideology. All socialists aim to strike a balance between capitalism and socialism, but the tent collapses as socialism consumes more than capitalism can produce…100% of the time. As the people get a taste of socialism in the early days they only want more and more of it, since its free…only as long as capitalism feeds it.

This lays out the plan:

As of my last e mail they now have offices and paid workers in ALL 50 states and here in Texas that have setup offices and make inroads in counties that have been 100% republican and ultra conservative for a 100 years. In fact Texas is the brass bell, its the grand prize, turn Tex (electorally) and you lock in Dims in office as only one other state has more electoral votes! WHITES are in the MINORITY in Texas: 2000 US Census Bureau report reveals that Texas has become the fourth US state where more than half of the population is Latino, black, Asian or Native American.

How long Texas can hold on??? Anyones guess right now, but the far left is pouring in $Millions to turn Tex by 2020 and they have a good shot at it!