Koch brothers allegedly fund pro-uranium mining plans in Grand Canyon – report


Moguls Charles and David Koch are reportedly funding an Arizona-based company that’s been pushing against a plan to make Grand Canyon area a natural monument with no uranium mining allowed.
Those who are in favor of the plan include the majority of local residents, environmental groups and Native American tribes.
In January, a survey showed that over 80 percent of Arizonans supported the proposal, and nearly half of the population specifically said that more should be done to protect the Grand Canyon and the 7,000 square kilometers around it.
However, a group of Republicans and a big not-for-profit company are battling the proposal, and their steps seem to be funded by the Koch brothers, according to Greg Zimmerman from the Center for Western Priorities, a conservation organization.

My thoughts after reading the article is there is more to this story and we are only getting a slant toward denying mining.

My question is should the government stop converting land to their use and open it up so that the land can be developed?" People should remember when the government wanted to stop oil exploration in Alaska with claims it would harm the Caribous. Deny logging in forests to “protect” an owl and so on. Each year the government grabs more land and stifles economy growth.


I would think they would want to protect national landmarks like this. I have no issue with public lands being used but lank mark area should be protected, especially if they are big tourist attractions.


I don’t know the process involved in uranium mining. But if it’s anything other than very minor(and I doubt it), the impact on tourism would almost certainly more than offset whatever the value of uranium mined.