Kucinich Files A Frivolous Lawsuit


I know this guy is an idiot Liberal but I thought he was one of the few who actually believed his own B.S. and cared about his constituents even though he was wrong on everything.

Apparently he is just a typical scumbag looking to cash in on a sandwich mistake.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich sues cafeteria over olive pit in sandwich | cleveland.com

I figure if I want a sandwich with no possibility of a foreign object in it I will make it myself, but expecting anything more than you dental bill paid for an honest mistake is just greedy and childish.

He wants $150,000.00 and his great dental plan is already paid by us, what a dirtbag.


The aliens told him to do it.

The Raw Story | Kucinich tells debate audience: I saw a UFO


Is there NO honest liberal left ??? :alien:



When you put it that way my flaw is quite apparent, “Honest Liberal” is an oxymoron.

You think I would learn, the Liberals have proved long ago that they do not deserve “the benefit of the doubt” in anything.


That is freaking DISGUSTING! How on earth does he not get obliterated for that, public opinion wise? How could he show is face in public, unbelievable. Seriously, what gives?


They contend the congressman is entitled to damages for future dental and medical expenses and to compensate him for pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment.
what is he on about? Loss of enjoyment because he bit his sandwich too hard, boo-hoo. Gee, a bit of pain (taken care of by painkillers) for a day or so is totally worth $150,000. Anyone suffering a slightly sore mouth, caused by one slip up, must be given a new house for their trauma

Is this frivoulous lawsuit stuff common or sort of a myth? Like can you actually sue a shop if you slip over on their floor and hurt yourself? Can you sue a beach if you get paralysed from bodysurfing?:eusa_boohoo:


Lets see. We pay his salary. We pay his health benefits, including dental. We pay the upkeep, bills and salaries at the Rep’s cafeteria. Does this moron know he’s suing us and technically himself??? Stupid question, forget it.


Yeah, so crucify him! Lynch him! That’s completely unnaceptable. He shouldn’t feel safe leaving his house. If he were pulling that here his career would be over and he’d have to move OS after becoming a national joke. I’m not nuts I swear, this just makes me so freaking angry, especially from someone who’s supposed to champion providing welfare & help to the poor while dennouncing rich people for being greedy…look at this jerk, he already has a good job and he wants a average yearly salary for a stupid sore tooth. Grrr! Meanwhile clogging the courts…

The sandwich place pays the excess on his insurance claim & gives him a nice meal for free, to be enjoyed with friends. They make a special effort during service to make up for the ‘loss of enjoyment’ by ensuring they enjoy themselves. Unless it’s just a sandwich place, in which case sandwich-related enjoyments are offered. Anyways that’s all a decent person could expect. I’m starting to see why you guys despise Democrats if this two-faced hypocrisy is the rule rather than exception


Obviously, somebody likes him, or they wouldn’t keep voting for him. Still haven’t figured out why…


Even if they are honest in their day to day lives, they lie to themselves constantly.


The media couldn’t make this look good, it’s perfect for destroying an obviously corrupt, greedy blight in the political system. Men like this should not have any power and should be shown for what they are. What kind of example doesn this set? Surely lefty publications aren’t ignoring or defending this, how could they justify that?

Oooh I’m just so mad at him :smiley: It must seem a bit weird since I have no idea who he is but his actions are pretty hard to explain. unless dental work costs that much, in which case that is a joke


**While I am sure there are Pubbies who would probably do something stupid and greedy like this, it is the status quo for Dems. Ambulance chasing attorneys almost always vote Dhimmocrap, because they protect the right to sue over nothing.


[quote=“tperkins2009, post:6, topic:28976”]
Lets see. We pay his salary. We pay his health benefits, including dental. We pay the upkeep, bills and salaries at the Rep’s cafeteria. Does this moron know he’s suing us and technically himself??? Stupid question, forget it.
[/quote]He needs money for his next campaign?


See what a lack of carnitine and carnosine do to you.


Here is a site that lists “Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the [SIZE=“3”]Month” That’s MONTH they will have more the next MONTH.


We just have TOO MANY LAWYERS in the USA looking for money…however they can get it.



No, the frivolous lawsuits are all too real and all too common. Most of the worst of them are dismissed, but there are far too many huge rewards for stupid claims. Worse, prisoners get to sue, too. Even if it’s frivolous, they’re allowed the suit (until it’s thrown out), and the taxpayers get to pick up the tab for their attourney fees (never mind the fact that they’re incarcerated means that they’re not supposed to have rights)…


Whaaaat? Oh man no wonder you guys are steaming at the ears most days about do gooders. As for lawyers, there’s a little thing in the Justice system called ‘ethical conduct’ that’s generally accompanied by ‘professional pride’. So these Lawyers, already on damn good salaries i imagine, see nothing wrong with taking $150,000 of some small business for pain and suffering. That’s what gets me, that someone could actually get up in court, swear on the bible (is that what happend in civil court?) and ask for that amount of money with a straight face…and unbatted eyelids. Crazy.

It proabably wasn’t a good idea for the news to report on the huge settlements people got for being idiots. Pfft that coffee guy…and the fat macdonalds ppl etc. They lost tho I think. But yeah now everyone wants a slice


They happily sacrificed their professional pride and ethical conduct on the alter of the almighty dollar. There are good tort lawyers to be found, but we also have an incredible infestation of ambulance chasers…

As to the prisoner suits, that might just be in a few states; I’m not sure. But I do know it happens.


Did someone mention that Mr. Kucinich has a fabulous health and dental plan at our expense and he’s suing a cafeteria designated ONLY for congresspeople AT OUR EXPENSE AGAIN?? So he’s suing for what? He doesn’t need to pay the provider. Is it for pain and suffering??


Yeah? Maybe drive some ambulances over a cliff, get them to chase those

Caroline…yeah! I wonder how loud his yell was when he bit it


They don’t usually “get up in court”.

The strategy is;

  1. File a “frivolous” lawsuit and demand an unreasonable amount for damages.
  2. Wait for the victim of your suit to hire an attorney and subsequently learn how much money it will cost him to have his attorney fight this accusation for the long haul (preparation and trial expenses).
  3. Wait for the inevitable call from the victim of the frivolous lawsuit’s attorney that will “offer to settle out of court” (this happens because the cost of the attorney+ whatever the smaller judgment will be usually exceeds the amount to “settle out of court”)
  4. An amount less than the original demand is agreed upon and paid so the “case” is dismissed.

Pure profit for attorneys and no risk for the scumbag who makes a mountain out of a molehill since his attorney probably took the case “on contingency”.

All we need is a “loser pays all attorney fees on both sides” rule and this abuse would end.

Especially if we specified that any attorney who takes a case “on contingency” is responsible for all the attorney fees of both sides if he loses.