Kudzu: A Lesson in Big Government Failure


Kudzu: A Lesson in Big Government Failure
By Joseph Haas
American Thinker

It was inside the Soil Erosion Service that the decision was made to use kudzu. SES higher-ups were aware of kudzu’s growing abilities, but they did not think of the ramifications that mass planting would have on local ecosystems. The Department of Agriculture used the Civilian Conservation Corps to distribute and plant the seeds. Over a period of ten years, one hundred million kudzu seeds were planted, mostly in the South. The government even bribed farmers to plant kudzu at eight dollars per acre. …

Kudzu can be seen in a larger context when examining the New Deal. Roosevelt’s aggressive domestic policy and massive expansion of the federal government are still with us today. The bureaucracy created under the New Deal is continually spreading, tightening its grip, and smothering the American people – just like kudzu’s effect on the environment.

This may be “old news” to southerners, but I first learned of this bit of government stupidity through this article. It’s not the biggest such instance, but this definitely shows how the US “education” system and the MSM protect the hallowed name of former Pres. Franklin Roosevelt and the idea of government solutions.


I know this was planted primarily in the South. So i wonder if northerners can even begin to understand the devastation caused by this horrid plant. This was done in the 40’s and by the 50’s and 60’s, people were working hard to kill this stuff before it killed everything it strangled…trees, fields, HOMES. One still runs into it when travelling in the south. This wasn’t the first time nor the last that scientists and the government came up with hair brained schemes such as this. At times, I really do wonder if some of this stuff isn’t done on purpose.


It’s one of those cases where stupidity is a sufficient explanation.

What bugs me, though, beyond the obvious ecological disaster kudzu is: A.) This is arguably one of the worst such disasters ever in the US, yet in a supposedly environmentally aware country, this literally was news to me a couple of days ago; B.) FDR and the idea that government provides solutions are so sacred that no one in the US education system or the MSM “spilled the beans” that would shatter that image and devastate that idea.


It’s been known in the South for a long time, Pete. Want another scientifically sponsored bad idea? The Killer Bees that have invaded the Southern States. Does anything ever invade the Northern States? just asking. Anyway, beekeeper assistant flubbed securing the hive or the queen or something i forget…it was in the 80’s and the bees escaped thus making their way north. Scientific Community. They’re dangerous and Incompetent.

but back to the Kudzu matter and FDR. You can go into little towns in Georgia…western side and they have pictures of FDR hanging in their restaurants as if the guy is a saint. Rural areas and they still think this guy is a savior rather than the destroyer that he was. We won’t even talk about the people displaced from their lands and homes for his Work Programs, stalinish in my opinion or the curse of Social Security.


I first learned about it when I went to visit my sister in Arkansas in 1978.


you know, not to get too far away from the topic, but have you ever noticed that the 2 states that were under Rockefeller control…Win Rockefeller in Arkansas and…the other Rockefeller…was it Jay(?), Those are two of the poorest, worst educated, most backward states in the Union.


Kudzu runners, iirc, can grow 2 feet plus per day, depending on soil quality and rain. There will be a noticeable difference in length over a period of 3-4 hours, I know that from observation.


and it’s creepy. Snakes, spiders, too lush.