Ky. School That Removed Christ From 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' Play Gets Reminded by


Ky. School That Removed Christ From ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Play Gets Reminded by Audience
Katherine Weber , Christian Post Reporter
December 18, 2015 5:40 pm

Audience members attending a Kentucky school’s production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” chimed in to recite the biblical portion of the play that had previously been eliminated by school administrators.
Footage from Thursday evening’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at W.R. Castle Elementary School in Johnson County shows adult members of the audience reciting the religious line usually said by the character Linus in the original production of the play.

Jeff Cochran, principal of the elementary school, told the Lexington Herald Leader that he was not pleased with the audience’s participation in the play.
“I wish that they had let the kids do the play,” he told the local media outlet.

I love it when stupidity gets trumped like this, and its underlying bigotry is revealed by the huffy response to being trumped!


Glad to see their are still people willing to stand up for what’s right, against the tide of political correctness.


To me, the most telling (as well as saddest) aspect of such cases is that the action is always to exclude, to shut down, to cut out.


I always say that government cannot take our Rights unless we give them permission to take them, this audience did not “lawyer up” or “stage a march”; they just decided that this play was going off as written whether the democrats like it or not.

They just said “no”, the sky did not fall and common sense prevailed; I bet the kids at that school learned a valuable lesson from the parents at that play as well.


From the OP article:

Protesters had reportedly gathered in front of the elementary school this week after the school district’s superintendent announced that the famous biblical line would be eliminated from the school’s version of the play to keep in line with laws regarding separation of Church and State.

With people this stupid acting in the capacity of superintendent, is there any question why public school are spitting out, “stupid?”

Thankfully, the parents - who did themselves proud! - knew better. Hopefully, they’ll take it one step further, and fire the idiot.

The Alliance Defending Freedom legal group had previously sent a letter to the school district, encouraging it to go through with the original version of the Christmas play and offering legal assistance should the district encounter opposition.

Seriously? We all have to get in on the STUPID ACT? :Thud: