Kyle Rittenhouse Testimony Live


This kid was in over his head. I don’t think he understood how to handle a firearm like his older peers. Do I think he was malicious no, do I think he was negligent yes. Society will not be better off with him behind bars.

A fair comment. The Right lacks leadership. An adult leadership would have told this young man to leave his firearm at home, and would have integrated him into a disciplined defense group – which itself would not display firearms, unless first fired upon. Had he turned up with it anyway, it would have been put away for safekeeping.

I think we’re going to see more violent riots from the Left, and our side (that is, my side) needs to learn how to respond to them in a “sub-lethal” way … until things escalate from there. We need to study the ‘service d’ordre’ formations of the old French Communist Party and trade unions.

It’s very important in modern war to have the moral high ground. This is why FDR’s Secretary of War , just a couple of weeks before Pearl Harbor, reported FDR wondering “how we should maneuver them [ the Japanese ] into the position of firing the first shot without too much danger to ourselves… In spite of the risk involved, however, in letting the Japanese fire the first shot, we realized that in order to have the full support of the American people it was desirable to make sure that the Japanese be the ones to do this so that there should remain no doubt in anyone’s mind as to who were the aggressors.”

The American people were overwhelmingly against war with Japan – about 74% to 13% – so FDR had to be circumspect in provoking the Japanese to attack us. Thank God he was a clever man, and did the necessary thing.

We got lucky with Rittenhouse. He is so obviously a nice kid, and his attackers were so obviously sewer rats, that, however the trial goes, we win the battle for public opinion (of the broad middle).

But that’s not always guaranteed … he could have been an unpleasant neo-Confederate with a felony conviction or two, and the people he shot could have been sweet naive liberal college students who normally spent their summer vacations tutoring Black children in the ghetto. Or worse yet, one of them could have been Black.

What has been eye-opening to me – although i already know this in the abstract – is how many people on the Left have a purely tribal response to this case: according to them – or the ones who are on Twitter anyway – Kyle Rittenhouse is an evil white supremacist who went to Kenosha to murder civil rights demonstrators. I’m not making any of that up … I’m quoting the literal words of these people.

It’s a war.

Fellow conservatives: we have to form a national organization, led by intelligent, cool-headed people with no illusions. We won’t always be lucky as we were in the Rittenhouse case.

Look Anti-Fa and BLM… diss on them all you want but not voters. Voters who don’t do this kind of thing remember your not at war with us. My doctor is a very conservative man. I have much respect for him, and he does so for me. My neighbor is a very conservative man, and I have respect for him as he does me, we regularly share new lawn tools. I am in a suburb (of 5k people) that is 96% Caucasian and votes 48/52 back and forth. These extremist feelings aren’t really welcome. I work in a bigger city I see the extremist feelings there. My sister lives in a very very very rural township and I see the extremist feelings there. Both parties should be focused on the suburban middle. Youngkin won because he was a protector of children after that bathroom assault.

Also you forget one really big thing about me and many other democrats, if this become a hot war. I’d likely side with conservatives because morals will matter more than money at that point. How do you think a devout Methodist will do with the far left? I can pull enough of the lefties I care about to join me in that position. Ideally no war no hate, we want to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Here’s the problem: you think you are the typical Democratic voter. Most of us conservatives here don’t think that.

Granted, neither is an AntiFa rioter the typical Democratic voter. But it’s the Democratic Party’s activist base – who are not AntiFa rioters, but who are sympathetic to them – which is pushing the Party to the Left.

You might say something roughly similar about the Republicans.

We see the horrible ideas of Critical Race Theory being introduced into schools and the military, with the blessing of Joe Biden (nominally – it’s not clear how much he understands of what is going on any more). I know from personal experience that there are many people on the Left – including in academia – who do not approve of this, but they are silent, from considerations of personal self-preservation (political, job). But they’re not driving the changes.

The Democratic Party represents two of America’s three main social layers:
(1) the globalist corporate elite and those whom they employ, plus much of the ‘cultural apparatus’ which has passed through our education system in the last three or four decades and who know that America is a pretty evil place, and
(2) the welfare-dependent ‘inner city’ inhabitants and affirmative action beneficiaries.

Opposed to them is the middle class … the people who work, either in their own business or for others … and who pay the taxes. This group is reflexively patriotic, but not yet fully aware of what is happening to their country.

Of course, this is just a case of averages, and there are plenty of exceptions to the rule.

Nonetheless, the direction of motion is clear.

You know there are Suburban and Rural voters who make so little they need means tested support?

I am definitely not the first one. I went to college, I couldn’t handle the professors it was all about how much arse you could kiss. That was half your grade. I grew up in the most conservative county in Michigan (Ottawa County). My whole experience there was awful I left. I was poor in a mobile home park, all my friends were poor, our parents were factory workers. Most the people from back then are non-political they just want herb, and money and they don’t care how they get it. I ended up making alot of friends in the Punk Scene in Kent County (Grand Rapids) while going to college, up north. I spent my summers in the city having fun, and winters up north studying my arse off. I used to be more socially liberal, but when you see the toll it takes. I smoked pot, and I have chronic anxiety from those years, I wouldn’t recommend it. Then you find Jesus. Then you see your son, and other families are happy …you just can’t condone that. If you didn’t grow up poor you don’t understand these safety nets are the difference between rent/mortgage, and eating not eating. Jobs don’t pay as much as it costs to live when you don’t have a degree. Unions seem to help out more than the government, it’s more of a wait and see thing at this point. If you understood the numbers behind the system you’d support the safety nets, the regulations on the environment. In fact it sucks we pay when they pollute (Superfund Law) its corporate welfare. Now with a union shop I’m thinking of filling chapter 7, and not having to live in debt and paycheck to paycheck. Listen to the people calling in Gordan Ramsey, this is a harsh world. It would just be nice if we were our brothers keeper.

As far as CRT, yes black folk have been done and continue to be done a great injustice. No one should be told to feel bad because of their race. If people are working to end redlining, end racial profiling, end cash bail, then regardless of the color of you skin you are part of the solution. I have Latino friends, they are just like my white friends, some are good some are morally grey but overall they’re American. My friend who was Cambodian said there is still a huge social divide between black and non black Americans there is too much hostility. I wouldn’t of said that, it’s a bit too much, it may be true. When it comes to race I am reminded we are all one in Christ.

We could have a good argument about what a welfare state that did not encourage dependency would look like. There are conservatives – I’m one – who do not oppose ‘welfare state’ functions in principle … . I think Singapore, where it’s almost illegal to be unemployed, does a pretty good job of this.

And as for unions: it depends on their leadership. Before 1934, on the West Coast, if you wanted to load or unload ships, you showed up at the docks at 6am, and maybe you got picked for a day’s work, and maybe you didn’t. A dollar or two to the fellow doing the picking didn’t hurt your chances. Of course people doing such casual labor, with no secure income, don’t make the most stable citizens.

Then, in 1934, the Communist Party organized and led a strike along the West Coast, and the International Longshoreman’s and Warehouseman’s Union was formed. All workers had to come from its membership, and the union rotated the work … and got higher wages for its members. Milton Friedman would be horrified of course, because it violated the free market.

For many years their leader was an Australian Communist, Harry Bridges. (A dues-cheater.) They tried to get him kicked out by the union membership in the post-war witchhunt. The members voted something like 25000 to 3 to retain him. And they were right to do so. When containerization came in, he realized it was impossible to resist, although it meant many fewer dockworkers. But he negotiated a ‘natural wastage’ decrease, so all working longshoremen held their jobs. The union membership shrank from 25 000 to 5 000 … but no man lost his job.

Union members became homeowners, and deacons in their churches. Now, I think that was a very conservative outcome.

So, if there are hardworking people who are dependent on transfer payments – and Social Security is the best example of that – that’s fine with me.

But go to ‘the Projects’ in South Chicago, and you’ll see a different story.

About 40 years ago, a young social scientist, back from do-gooder work among the villagers of Thailand, decided to investigate why it was that after decades of welfare and government programs, we still had a large underclass… why did things actually get worse in terms of births out of wedlock, among welfare recipients, for example? He did a lot of empirical research, and the result was Losing Ground, the most influential work of social science in the second half of the 20th Century, in the US.
[ ]

Well worth reading even today – a new edition came out in 2015. He later wrote The Bell Curve, and Coming Apart, among other works – also must reads for people who really are interested in what is driving our society, and its problems. He’s too free-market/libertarian for me, but his work is vital.

As is the work of the late James Q. Wilson, on crime.

While it would be interesting to argue about how much welfare state we should have, and if we have one (as we do) what its policies should be … we are moving pretty rapidly past the point where these debates are relevant.

Their only real relevance now is to help tear away as many patriots as possible from their formal (not real) committment to pure free-market devil-take-the-hindmost libertarianism – which just gets in the way of building the largest possible pro-American coalition that we can.

The Left has changed. And we must also change. For example … wouldn’t it be great if the big corporations that are ruining our country, had a rash of unionization fights? Wouldn’t we want to support them? It’s too bad that Twiter and Facebook and all the other lying mass media don’t employ many ordinary workers … but Amazon does, so … surely every patriot should support the unionization of Amazon’s workers. Here’s a place where patriots and old-fashioned liberals and who knows who else could form a United Front.

Everything a republican has ever done to medicaid or snap hurt my family in ways I wish you could see. I couldn’t do another 8 years of Snyder (our former republican governor) I’d sooner move.

Milton Friedman said Ford made the right choice with the Pinto. That alone should discredit his economic theories. He was very good at arguing very bad things.

When people have stable jobs and incomes they become part of the community. You have to realize the freemarket is not good at community and family growth. In a true free market you could sell your children for labor, grow poppies for herion, but we find these things detestable and rightfully so and we ought to find working poverty detestable as so too.

I know there are a ton of welfare dependent people of color. In Muskegon heights that once was 87% black, now its for poor of all types or at least getting that way, there is so little work everyone collects dole I know this. Infact the labor shortage was good for black Americans who had once been looked over and been on the dole their whole life. A conservative friend of mine said what’s with all the black people working all of a sudden? I told him they often didn’t have the ability to find entry level jobs until extreme demand allowed them to break free of generational dependency.

They are

I think we need a re-alignment look at the party platform of the American Solidarity Union. It’s a Christian Democratic Party in the likes of the German Christian Democrats. Welfare that lifts people out of poverty not keeps them trapped in it. Welfare based on ownership, and buying in. Look at the USDA Rural Development Mortgage program thats what I want to see more of responsible people owning a home with sweat equity, with a lender willing to overlook low income as long as credit has been used responsibly, and drug use is not a factor. If Republicans let Trump be Trump on healthcare, domestic social spending (stimulus), ya know he wanted to repeal Obamacare, and do single payer the party said no, mainly Mnuchin and Mconnel. Mnuchin who might I remind you bankrolled Harris’s senate campaign. If the GOP was truly populist they’d have my vote in a heartbeat. I can let go of the pro-choice thing, the last what I can rational liberal social policy. If we wanted a patriotic secure borders America that took care of it’s own I’d be for that.

Nordic Countries have a higher labor force participation rate, because of living wage laws, almost all social spending tied to working class.

It’s true that as low- and unskilled jobs are shipped off abroad, and/or turned over to robots, the people who grow up in underclass areas will find it harder and harder to get work. The population is not divided into those who are eager to work, and deadbeats. Both types exist, but there is a spectrum between the two poles.

I don’t know enough about the details of the American welfare system, at the moment, to say anything concrete about what is wrong with it, and how it should be fixed.

What is true is that comparison with other countries is problematic, because culture is very important.

Milton Friedman once visited Sweden, so the story goes, and was told by one of his hosts that ‘There are no poor Swedes here’. And he replied, ‘There are no poor Swedes in America, either’.

To my mind, that undermines both the free market and socialist ideologies: Sweden used to work pretty well; and reasonably intelligent people who want to work in the USA can do so, or used to be able to.

As for Sweden, a very good book about this country is Fishing in Utopia. by Andrew Brown [ ] It was written by someone who immigrated to Sweden about 1970, lived there a long time, left, and returned after many years. He captures a lot of the psychology of the Swedes, in contrast to that of the English.

But Sweden is in the process of committing national suicide – trying to turn Somalis into Swedes will not work – so all bets are now off.

As for political realignment … how I hope this happens! A book from the Right proposing this is Francis Buckley’s The Republican Workers Party: How the Trump Victory Drove Everyone Crazy, and Why It Was Just What We Needed

If Trump were a very different person, and centrally concerned with the future of America than with himself, we might have a chance for that. As it is, I suspect we will continue to slide towards catastrophe.

Okay I live in a town known as Old Swedish Town, It has a historical Swedish church Lebanon Lutheran.

On our local FB page last night they asked how many had needs and it was astounding how many people responded but it was astounding how many people offered to help each other. Yeah there is poverty among swedes. 26.5% of households earn less than 25k here. Ironically I am a transplant from the Very Conservative Dutch “Holland Michigan area” ie Ottawa county they voted for Romney by 66-32%. Whitehall is 93% Caucasian historically Swedish like it was spoken in schools here till 1965. A lot has changed since Friedman’s era. We don’t have a liquor store in town but we have a brewery. Crime is low. Most commute to Muskegon, their kids work at the amusement park here in the summer. This is a swing zip code in a swing county in a swing state. I kid you not were a microcosm of America. Poverty is the only reason degenerates get votes period. You switch places with them economically you get 70% of the vote.

It’s become a national nightmare they don’t wanna admit it but they created a mini no-go in Malmo.

an excerpt on the Swedish-American town I live in from 1882:
Out of Whitehall has been taken the incorporated village of Whitehall from its western side, extending for about one and a half miles, on the east side of White Lake from near the head at Staples & Covells mill to the site of the old water mill, now Wilcox’s, near which is a beautiful part of the village full of neat, clean residences with thrifty gardens, chiefly occupied by Swedes with a few Norwegians, and known as Johnson’s Addition or more popularly as Swedentown. The inhabitants came here mostly direct from Scandinavia and have done well, working in the mills and teaming. They are a reading, thinking race, and are sure to make good citizens. Whitehall extends inland to Hall’s Addition a distance of one mile.

Yeah yeah blm had a right to attack him because he’s white

If you changed up the races in this scenario it would be a non issue.

A good, if not easy, exercise: change up the races, and the circumstances – same events, but it’s a Black militant with a rifle who turns up at, say, a 6 January type event, gets chased by white supremacists, etc… and ices a couple of them and makes another have to relearn how to shoot left-handed.

Now … put your hand on your heart and say, “Of course I would find him innocent.”

There are a tiny … TINY … handful of people on the Left who have done this: Glenn Greenwald is one (or at least has tried to be objective about this case). All the others I’ve seen – eg on Twitter – are about as objective as a Mississippi lynch mob.

We are two separate nations, living under the same government. We are Croats and Serbs, Muslims and Hindus in pre-partition India, Tamils and Sinhalese … except we probably hate each other more than these people did/do.

We’re like two different groups of people, all of whom inhabit different floors of the same building, and many of whom live in apartments on floors where the other side has most of the apartments …

… and one side is down in the basement, hammering away with sledgehammers at the foundations.

I knew from outset that the person Rittenhouse wounded and the second one he killed was a case of self defense. This was obvious from the tapes that were played on the news at the time. A skateboard is a dangerous weapon, and when you hit someone in the head with it, there might be consequences one way or the other. Also pointing a loaded gun at someone is perfect grounds for self-defense.

Speaking of which, why do you bring a loaded gun to “a peaceful protest?” It doesn’t sound like this guy, who has a criminal record, was looking for a “cum-by-ya” moment.

The question is what happened behind the parked cars, which was no shown on tape at the time.

The prosecuting attorney in this case is a dumb as Joe Biden. He is probably an example of what you get when you vote for a George Soros candidate for district attorney. Even when he wants to prosecute someone, which isn’t often for a George Soros district attorney, he’s too incompetent to make his case.

He is so dumb that he can’t even get the stories from his own witnesses straight. He topped that off with a lack of knowledge about a defendant’s constitutional rights. When a judge calls you down in court like that, it makes you look like you learned the law by watching old episodes of Perry Mason. This guy makes Hamilton Burger look like Clarence Darrow.

I think Kyle – and we all – lucked out on this one, although I don’t think he’ll just walk away from this. At a minimum, he broke the law regarding having a rifle.

The lesson here is that we need to react to the Left’s uncontrolled violence with controlled/restrained threats of defensive violence: organized and discipined.

We need local organizations which know how to respond to sub-lethal warfare. Kyle should never have been in a situation where he could be surrounded by these vermin. When he showed up, he should have been immediately incorporated into a disciplined group with a chain of command, and the sort of auxiliary services that any combat team must have: medical, intel, logistics … plus legal and PR … all on an appropriate scale, of course, and able to quickly assimilate and equip newcomers with the necessary gear.

So once again, I urge patriots to look at the – the best group I have found so far for preparing for what may be coming.

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Sorry, I disagree!
Just because unconstitutional laws are passed and affirmed by the courts … doesn’t mean we, as a free people, with “natural born” rights should have to follow them!

That right there is the problem!
We, as a nation have given all authority over to black robbed gods!

Hypothetically, what would you say if the government were to pass a law that ordered everyone to turn over all of their weapons and the SCOTUS upheld it?

Btw: When I/we were in high school, we use to take our rifles to school, store them in our lockers and go target shooting … as a class!

If they were white supremacists who were looting and burning down the country I would give props to said black man. And I would support his right to defend himself.

Speaking of unconstitutional laws …

In a reaction to emancipation, several southern states adopt “Black codes” which, among other things, forbid Black persons from possessing firearms.

I could go on for weeks in pointing out the flawed thinking that the Government has the “authority” to “regulate” our weapons but … I will try not to.:roll_eyes:

“To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young and how to use them.”

(Richard Henry Lee, Virginia delegate to the Continental Congress, initiator of the Declaration of Independence, and member of the first Senate, which passed the Bill of Rights.)

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