L.A. Times: White People Must Take Responsibility for Donald Trump


The L.A. Times ran this opinion piece. Some gems include:

"White people should feel insulted by this. They should feel ashamed – as white people – of Donald Trump. Whites need to stand up and say that they will not allow Trump to hijack their culture, or to conduct his racist politics in their name."

"Conversations about racism in the white community don’t always go so smoothly. Last week, rapper Mac Miller, who is white, posed a challenge
* to his followers. “Dear White People who listen to rap music,” he asked, “what have you done for the #BlackLivesMatter movement?*”

If you read the comments section, you’ll see that even for the L.A. Time’s liberal audience, this article was ridiculous.

  1. I’m not convinced Trump is even racist. What he says would fall better under “xenophobia” than anything else, and even that’s a stretch. Is it xenophobic to question letting in people who choose to believe in a hateful dangerous ideology (Islam)? Barring Muslims from entering isn’t racism, because Muslims aren’t a race. They choose to believe that crap. Is it xenophobic to strengthen our Southern border? I don’t think mass deportations are a good idea, but even then, Trump is not saying “Deport Mexicans”. He wants to deport EVERYONE who’s here illegally.

  2. Even if Trump is racist, how on Earth am I responsible for him? How is my wife? What is this, racism for me, but not for thee? If I’m responsible for Trump are blacks responsible for Michael Brown? Does the rampant misogyny in the black community make them responsible for Bill Cosby?

The black community is refusing to look inward and address the problems that are ruining black lives. It’s painful to admit your culture is imploding, but admitting there are problems is the first step on the road to recovery. It’s so much easier to scapegoat other people for your problems.

When the Japanese were rounded up and not allowed to serve at the beginning of WW2, they didn’t blame whitey. They kept up the efforts, finally got a Japanese regiment formed in 1943, and then won more medals than any other regiment. THAT’s how you combat racism and prejudice- rise above it, show people that’s not how you really are.

Anyway, that’s the end of my sermon. That article really pissed me off though.


And black people must take responsibility for Barack Obama, and for Jesse Jackson, and for Al Sharpton, and for all the black-on-black gang killings in the inner cities . . .


Personally, I’m too busy taking responsibility for the ruination of the western Roman Empire by Atilla the Hun. And my wife is too busy taking responsibility for the Norman conquest if England.

Anyone here of Greek ancestry who will take responsibility for Alexander’s conquest of the Persian Empire?


I suppose I should be taking responsibility for Kaiser Wilhelm and Adolph Hitler - ouch, it hurt to write that.


I’m to busy taking responsibility for my ancestors selling our own people into slavery…