LA Police Union: Police Commission Wants Cops To Run From Armed Suspects


LA Police Union: Police Commission Wants Cops To Run From Armed Suspects


The Los Angeles Police Commission wants LAPD police officers to run away when a suspect confronts them with a weapon, warns the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the labor union of the city’s police officers.

The organization posted a blog post critical of the commission’s recent decision to find that fault lay upon an LAPD officer who used deadly force when a female suspect, Norma Guzman, came at him and his partner swinging a large knife.

The commission — composed of five mayoral appointees and city council-confirmed civilians who broke ranks with Police Chief Charlie Beck — claimed the LAPD Officer violated deadly force rules, in the case which happened last year. Despite support from Beck, Guzman’s family and local activists want the officer to be charged criminally, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The last three appointees have been on more the activist side against law enforcement, a source told The Daily Caller. It was a 4-1 vote.
In a statement to TheDC, The Board Of Directors of The LAPPL said, “When officers are attacked, they must be able to protect themselves. It’s appalling that four commissioners with zero law enforcement experience can so easily cast aside the Chief of Police’s conclusion that our officers acted within policy."

Appalling? More like what was intended when city governments started packing these kinds of commissions with civilians with zero LE experience, and then moved on to make these commissions majority or near-majority anti-police activists.

I “get” that commissions comprised of current or former LEO’s could become old-boy nests of conflicts of interest, but how is this worse than packing commissions with anti-police activists? Anyone with a quarter of a brain could see that this packing of the commission was intentional, activism by other means.


Police Commission Wants Cops To Run From Armed Suspects
Well you have to admit that once the word gets around to robbers there will be a lot less shootings. “Hey cop, I’ve got a gun so I get to go free”. So I guess the question comes up “Why do they need police if they aren’t going to confront criminals”? Heck thinking about it I may apply for a position there. I’m 1,000 miles away from LA so there is no way that I could confront one of their criminals so they really should pay me more than normal. After all I can’t confront anyone. But I am willing to deal, I’ll take on the job for half pay.


Yeah, we all know cops can run faster than bullets . . .