What languages do you speak/ are learning/ learnt in the past / hope to learn in the future?

I speak Russian and English fluently, began learning Polish in February. Haven’t had a chance to be instructed in it properly but due to how closely related it is to Russian I can already hold simple conversations and read (albeit very slowly, with a dictionary). A girl from my year taught me the basics in exchange for me speaking Russian with her to get her conversational level up (before she goes off for a year abroad in Siberia O_O). If I devote enough time to expanding my vocabulary this summer I should have it at a proper conversational level by term-time, but their grammatical system is very complicated compared to Russian and especially compared to English so fluency will take classes with a proper teacher to achieve.

I studied French for a few years in school but all I remember is voulez vous coucher avec moi and some other random bits.


I speak English! lol I took a couple of Latin classes, but I am sure I forgot a lot of it by now.


You would be a good candidate for a secret spy/military agency.


Only English.

I’m glad my Russian girlfriend speaks fluent English and Russian though, otherwise life here in St. Petersburg would be a lot tougher than it is. )


You live in St. Pete?? Lucky, I actually prefer it in some ways to the capital. How long have you been an expat in Russia for?
Oh and lucky you with a Russian girlfriend, now I understand why you asked if I prefer Polish.


Don’t know if I’m made out for secret work, but I am very much considering officer school after university.


I’ve been living here on and off since February 2011. More than a year but less than a year and a half in total. It really is a beautiful city. One of the most impressive in Europe and I’ve pretty much seen them all. Was out at the Peter and Paul fortress today. My first time there.

At the moment I’m living on Vasilyevsky Island. Well, actually Dekabristov Island (so I’m told) but it’s all the same to me. hahaha


A fair amount of Sign Language (though I don’t consider myself to fluent exactly), and a tiny bit of Spanish, I’d like to learn more Spanish some time in the future. Obviously English as well.


American English (of course)
I had a couple of years of Spanish back in high school (30+ years ago) and I am still able to have minimal conversations via the ham radio( usually weather and signal reports).
I have been attempting to learn Farsi from my wife but she is a horrible teacher.


Cool, that is the island I stayed at last time I was there for tourism. Got to stay half a week in a military organisation’s building for the price of 2 bottles of vodka thanks to my grandpas friends from his days as a Colonel. Petropavlovskaya fortress is wonderful. You need to see Kronstadt and Peterhof if you haven’t yet, they are nearby and Peterhof is a very nice place to go with a lady.


How hard is it to learn Farsi? Sounds kind of interesting…


Yeah, seen Peterhof. Amazing place. Seen the Hermitage, Palace Square, Church of the Savior on Blood (my favorite), Russian Museum, St. Issacs. Haven’t seen Kronstadt or Pushkin yet but they’re both on the list.

Have also been to Moscow and Kostroma and next weekend we’re off to see Veliky Novgorod.


I haven’t been to Kostroma, Velikiy Novgorod is great if you’re into Russian history at all which you seem to be, I’ve been there a few times.

Shoot me a PM if you’re ever in the capital, we can talk politics (or something else… leave that for the forum) over some shots )).

Good to see an American expat here who doesn’t just sit in a suburban “mini-USA” gated compound as most of those I know in Moscow do.


It’s hard to learn when your wife simply tells you that you are supposed to just hear it and learn it that way. Especially, when I am a techno-geek that needs to know sentence structure, verb conjugation rules, etc. She slept in Farsi class while attending school in Iran.


Heheh, not when you’re above 5 or so years old…

I would be interested in learning Farsi/Arabic for something non-European, but they seem very difficult, starting with the script. Cyrillic can probably be learned by someone who knows Latin letters in a number of days.


English of course. I am currently learning Hachijo Japanese(albeit slowly due to time constraints) and next on my list to start learning is standard Russian.


You in Moscow at the moment? Not sure I’ll be getting there this time (I leave again at the beginning of August), but I’ll be back in the new year. I’d like to get back to Moscow, just have to wait for the right opportunity. Would be happy to meet up and have some shots. )))

Yeah, I’m interested in Russian history, probably moreso than Anna. Am looking forward to Velikiy Novgorod. Wanted to see more of Russia this trip but am slowly running out of time. Hopefully next time.

Suburban “mini-USA” compound doesn’t sound like much fun. Travel is all about experiencing something different. It’s a shame to come all this way and not experience the culture for yourself. That said, it’s easy for me because of Anna. Without her, it would be much more difficult. I’m quite fortunate. )


I am in Moscow until the start of September except for 7-10 days in NY sometime next month. Then back to Scotland for first term, but I will also be back for the New Year, so our paths may cross. First round is on me) (I see you’ve adapted to the use of blind, multi-mouthed Russian smileys… much more versatile than their Western, non-mutated counterparts, imo)


Cactus, have you ever seen of been to this ↓ spot on Vasilyevsky Island?

Information under the video on YouTube:
"Published on Sep 14, 2012
Street performance by the natural Indians on Vasilyevsky island (St.Petersburg, Russia). Amer-Inkas are really impressive here on the cold autumn street of Russian North-East"
Amer Inkas street musical performance - YouTube


Yeah, I’ve adapted to Russian smilies, 4mok 4mok, and some other Russian-isms. It was inevitable I guess, especially with the amount of time I spend chatting with Russians in Skype, FB and VK. )

Will definitely send you a PM if I’m headed your way.