LAPD has fired on another group of innocent civilians in manhunt


David Perdue was on his way to sneak in some surfing before work Thursday morning when police flagged him down. They asked who he was and where he was headed, then sent him on his way.

Seconds later, Perdue’s attorney said, a Torrance police cruiser slammed into his pickup and officers opened fire; none of the bullets struck Perdue.

His pickup, police later explained, matched the description of the one belonging to Christopher Jordan Dorner — the ex-cop who has evaded authorities after allegedly killing three and wounding two more. But the pickups were different makes and colors. And Perdue looks nothing like Dorner: He’s several inches shorter and about a hundred pounds lighter. And Perdue is white; Dorner is black.

Police seeking Dorner opened fire in a second case of mistaken identity -

Does anyone else find this the least bit suspicious? The LAPD has now fired on two groups of innocent people thinking they were Dorner, and the first involved seven officers. This isn’t a case of lone police officers mistaking them—the police are actively taking a policy to shoot first and ask questions later. Is it possible that Dorner knows something more about corruption in the LAPD? I don’t defend his actions and think he is murdering scum who should be punished, but it also seems like more is going on here.

Edit: Seven officers, not police cars


At this point the stuff LAPD is covering itself with isn’t glory or valor.


Well it is fortunate that Dorner torched his truck. Now the cops can stop shooting at innocents.
Dorner manhunt: Weapons found in burned truck -


So you can drive a pickup in LA now? Thank goodness.


I wouldn’t risk it. If they didn’t know he was black, it may be a while before the info on the truck sinks in.


This thread… Hilarious


I think they knew on Friday that Dorner’s truck was torched. If the subsequent shootings at innocents happened after that discovery, some police officers are acting contrary to what they know (though I guess it’s possible Dorner stole another truck … steal a vehicle that looks similar to the vehicle he ditched … makes sense to me!).

At least the real Keystone Kops didn’t hurt anybody through their Kapers!


I find it interesting that this incident hasn’t brought out all the protesters marching around condemning the LAPD…oh…wait a minute, this guy was white. Wonder what the minions will do if the cops wind up shooting the REAL Dorner… For me, just one more reason to never go to California…


This situation is getting more and more messed up. I hope these officers are actually held responsible for this crap… I fear they won’t be though…officer safety comes first ya know… ugh…


While it MAY be a Conspiracy (I’m not a fan of Conspiracy Theories), I think it’s more likely just a bunch of incompetent cops (geeeez, there’s a surprise.)

Unfortunately, that stereotype (which I myself just reinforced above . . . my bad) is used as a broad brush by some of us to paint the thousands and thousands of men and women in public safety that DO a good job, and in some cases giving their life for others in the effort.

Big city police departments always get the most press, and big city police departments (just by the law of averages) usually have the most number of incompetent (or corrupt cops involved in conspiracies, if that’s your view) members.


BobJam: You are absolutely correct. I have great admiration for all policemen and women. Given our lawlessness in today’s society, they take enormous risk in doing their daily jobs. Quite frankly, I think the police, on the whole, gets their faces kicked in the dirt too many times. We have no idea the situations they have to deal with or the REALITY of those situations. EX: Rodney King. But, I’m not going to get into THAT kind of discussion! God bless our police men and women who daily keep our streets at least a little more safe.


Well, after all, it is the LAPD, it’s not like they have a reputation of being clean or something.


US To Use Drones In Chris Dorner Manhunt | Zero Hedge

Let’s see what goals we are seeing advanced:

*anti-gun propaganda
*domestic drone usage


My thoughts exactly… though, the LAPD isn’t helping the argument that “only cops should have guns”.


Drones will only help if they have a clue where he is. Considering they have been going for anything that moves with any similarity at all to Dorner the drones will be butt worthless.


but IF the drones help find the guy… well… then how could we argue against using drones for domestic surveillance? … and watch out if a drone is used to take him out without harming anybody else…


True. I really could see them holding back just so they can prove the usefulness of their new toys.


But this one bags 'em all:

“Nobody trains police officers to look for one of their own,” said Maria Haberfeld, a police training professor

The stunning stupidity of that one alone is about more than I can take.

No WONDER the (semi) underground “Jump Out Boys” police force is alive an well.
Not like it’s anything new, but “they’re ba-ack-,” as some would put it.
Jump Out Boys, A Secret Gang For LA Deputies Who Have Shot Gang Members, Prompts Probe (VIDEO)


The quote from that professor is asinine. It assumes that police officers are the most skilled people in the country… or that the police are poorly trained…


Yep. “Why do YOU need self-defense firearms when we have all the neccessary tools to protect you?”

Conspiracies aside, anybody who thinks THAT one isn’t soon to follow hasn’t been paying attention to basic, “Why shouldn’t we give John Brennan the go ahead confiramtion?”