Large alligator killed in florida


These pictures were taken by a KTBS helicopter flying over Lake Thomas, Winter Haven, Florida.

The helicopter pilot and the game wardens on the ground were in communication via 2-way radios.

Here is a transcript of their conversation.

*‘Air1, have you a visual on the gator, Over’

‘Approaching inlet now, Over’

‘Roger Air1’

‘Gator sighted. Looks like it has a small animal in its mouth….moving in, over’

‘Roger Air1’

‘Oh Crap it’s a Deer!’

‘Confirm Air1… Did you say Deer?, Over’

‘Roger………a Deer in it’s mouth….looks like a full sized buck….that’s a big gator, boys. We’re gonna need more men, Over’

‘Roger Air1……can you give me a idea on size of animal, over’

‘Its a big one……25 feet at least, please advise, gator is heading to inlet….do I pursue?, over’*


I’m shocked that an alligator was killed in Florida. That’s not sarcasm. It seems they require an alligator to kill at least four people before they do something there.

Here, in the Motherland, if it’s big enough to eat, we kill it. We have just as many as Florida, but since we encourage hunts, they tend to be smaller. Well, unless you get way out in the swamp.

We have a few big ones around Lake Pontchartrain also. One where I fish I’ve named Claude. He will be introduced to all of my daughters’ boyfriends. Up close. Probably well fed too.


Sorry to see the big boy killed, he was only doing what he does and that is eat…