Larry Pratt destroys Piers Morgan


Much better response from the GOA than the NRA, which was silent for several days until finally saying they are open to talking about gun restrictions.

Gun Owners Of America Steals Newtown Gun Debate Spotlight While NRA Hides


First, Piers Morgan is a blowhard with no talent and luck. Second the left or liberal has no leg, really, to stand on when it comes to common sense. Piers is the perfect example of that.


Piers can only find work here on a dying network. Why anyone with any credibility goes on his, or any CNN show for that matter, is beyond me.


Piers Morgan: ‘Of Course’ I’m Gleeful a Tragedy Happened to Push Guntrol



Lnk goes to but shows ‘404 not found’.


Someone did not vet the guest list for Piers Morgan, ordinarily he has token dolts to argue with. I would appreciate it if he would go back to England and take his no talent back there.


Most of them see Uncle Ted as a loose cannon that can easily be made to look like a mad man. WHat they underestimate about him is that he is actually smarter than they perceive and has always been a strong second ammendment supporter for decades. He has never been known to softball or pull punches either.

My guess is that Piers’ handlers ASSumed that Ted would be easy pickins. We all know what happens when you ASSume.


I edited the Bf88’s post about Piers Morgan’s smart-@$$ comment, and the link now works. It has been updated a couple of times, and this update sums up that situation pretty well:

***UPDATE II: In follow-up tweets, Morgan hasn’t been any clearer in explaining how quoting him constitutes a smear. I will say, there’s no reason not to believe him when he says his tweet was sarcasm. I’ll let others decide if being flippant and sarcastic about Sandy Hook is appropriate.

Having seen Morgan on a couple of shows - not on CNN - it is entirely consistent Morgan’s character that his comment was scarcastic. That was my first reaction when I heard of the comment. I also think it was inappropriate (as would, IMO, an unsupported claim that he was glad for a pretext to push gun control).


Whether it’s UK–US or MSM–ordinary-people culture differences, I think Morgan is experiencing a bit of culture shock. He really does not understand many Americans’ view of their right to defend themselves. And not understanding, he assumes those who differ from him are stupid. To be sure, Ted Nugent’s flamboyance (and many/most MSM folks’ probable disdain for him) can obscure his intelligence. But for a national level MSM figure to be taken by surprise by the intelligence of a guest would be inexcusable were this not CNN and the topic a Lib/Prog bete noir.

Here’s a blast from Morgan’s past that illumines his character!


Not only is he a Lib, he is a filthy lying Lib that actually got caught being a filthy lying Lib.


Come, now Con Lib! I’m sure Morgan bathes or showers regularly … at least I think so …


It takes many years to wash off such filth. I know because I used to be a Democrat.




[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:13, topic:37542”]
It takes many years to wash off such filth. I know because I used to be a Democrat.


I’m glad top have provided a laugh.

Mery CHRISTmas!


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