Las Vegas: Active shooter reported near Mandalay Bay


I’ve given up on how to quote an article, although I have learned how to quote someone’s post!

Just breaking …


Officials at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas told ABC News that it had at least 20 victims with gunshot wounds right now, with the expected to grow. The hospital did not provide information on the victims’ conditions.


You can hear the rapid fire in this video.

Shooters(?) were shooting from on high according to witnesses.

One girl was seen to be shot in the head.
At least two dead being reported right now.


Shots fired reports at New York New York, Tropicana & explosive at the Luxor.


What I read this morning was 50 dead and at least 200 wounded. They also said there was a female shooter in cahoots with the identified male.


Been tracking it since 3am, 50+ dead, 400 injured. FOX got hold of his brother and he said that he was just a normal guy, nor real religious or political views, his mother who is 91 is dumbfounded and no one seems to have any idea what his motive was. Sadly the guy is dead, so we will NEVER KNOW what drove this guy.

I have noticed a trend across the US where the perp in a major action always seems to be killed by the police. In the past that was not the case, the effort was to bring them in alive…I won’t argue they often need to die, but you lose so much data as a result.


Latest report that I have heard is at least 58 deaths with 515+ injuries. Time is about 9 AM when I heard that report.


Incredibly sad, tragic event. Praying for all those people that suffered loss


I understand it was a home-made gun - made by the perp himself.


Sad and disgusting and thoroughly senseless.

I try to be cool and pray for the families, and I did, but the anger at this useless sob killing innocent people is strong.

He created hell on earth for others and their families, now he faces the devil himself.


The homemade gun theory and second-person involvement is looking like there was nothing to it. ISIS is claiming responsibility, but the FBI is turning up no such evidence; sounds like ISIS is trying to take advantage of it for some street cred.


BREAKING: Shooter began firing at 10:08 PM

Police arrive on 32nd floor at his room at 10:30:

Police do not break down door for over an hour???


The interval between 10:08 and 10:30 is NOT “over an hour.” It is, in fact, remarkably fast under the circumstances.


Lets try it again

BREAKING: Shooter began firing at 10:08 PM

Police arrive on 32nd floor at his room at 10:30:

Police do not break down door for over an hour…AFTER THEY ARRIVE AT THE ROOM!!!


Yet, the guy did NOT continue shooting “for over an hour.” Far from it. The shooting continued after the first shots, by all accounts, for about 10 minutes.


I did NOT offer an opinion or make a judgement call, merely give some information I heard on the news that came from the police scanner, neither did the news offer anything other than the sequence of events from approx first shots to the police entering the room. I know nothing and offer nothing other than that…


A talk show host host I listened to said this is the new 9/11.

We have obviously had natural disasters of late, but this is the worst thing to happen to our country since 2001. I am so sad and heartbroken for these people and our country.



He apparently video recorded the entire shooting. Also looks like he left a suicide note

He also wired $100,000 to the Philippines last week.


Back, and here’s as good a place to come in as anywhere. IMO there was a second shooter.

  1. The weapons we see are all 5.56 platform ARs.

  2. To amass THAT kind of ammunition without drawing attention he would have to have bought small lots of whatever was available.

  3. The most readily available 5.56 shells (I detest using “rounds” in civilian context, seems pretentious) are M193, M855 or from time to time SS109 spec. 55 or 62 grain bullet. The deaths seem excessive from ammo this anemic at the reported range.

  4. The United States Marines have historically qualified with the rifle at ranges up to and including 500 yards. When his regiment was issued M16s to replace the old M14, the then issued M193 was reported by Major Dick Culver to have trouble penetrating CARDBOARD at 500 yards. and in my personal experience Federal American Eagle M855 is subsonic at 200 yards through an M4 clone. The long range problem with the AR platform (not holding the black of the MR-1 target) was not solved in Service Rifle shooting until the advent of the 88 grain bullet in the late 90s, and ammo loaded with this long bullet will not feed through AR magazines. Mr. Newton’s laws; the 55-62 grain bullets don’t have much velocity at 450-500 yards and therefore little if any lethality.

  5. I’m sure at least some of us have seen the perfectly preserved bullet that was stopped by a wallet in our Facebook news feeds.

  6. The room service receipts indicating two guests, as well as the reports of the shooter’s room key being used other places in the hotel while he was online playing poker.


How is the media measuring the 500 yards? From the base of the most distant body to the base of the hotel? From the center of the massacre to the base of the hotel? Diagonally from the center of the massacre to the 32 floor of the hotel?

Those are all going to give pretty different functional measurements.

Have they even taken measurements, or is this all eyeball estimates?