Last Book You Read

I did something like that with the first two…

I have to write evil as evil. I’ve seen too much- personally or otherwise- to avoid the reality that some evildoers are flat-out unrepentent and unlikely to be. It’s hard, but it makes the victory more well earned. I do insist on the good guys winning, although the last story I wrote almost made it a tragic triumph.

But you redeemed it beautifully.

Ew no. I couldn’t read a book like that. Too much.

There was an awful lot of other stuff in the story. For instance, the focus character, a journalist, was gradually transformed from ultra-liberal to conservative. There were many side plots, and you really don’t know until near the end all the ramifications of the doctor’s murder. In fact, at the beginning, it appears to be an (auto) accident.

was it good?

“Principles of Microwave Tubes”
by Dr. A. S. Gilmour

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What was it called? maybe I’ll forgo my other comment and give it a try.

Ever read a book called Velocity by Koontz? (sp?)

Deadline by Randy Alcorn.

No, I haven’t read that book.

I am seriously considering purchasing 3 books by Andrea Zug. The first one is called Lancer, Inc.; the second, Lancer, Inc., South of the Border. I can’t remember the name of the 3rd one. They’re murder mysteries. She is working on a 4th book, which she says is going to take longer than the others. Andrea is one of my co-auditors for our township.

Our local tax collector was into the office yesterday for the auditing of her records, and she said she always figures out who the bad guy is when she reads that genre of book. Annie (Andrea) said, from what people have told her, nobody ever guesses who the bad guy is in her books. That was a challenge to the tax collector to read her books.

Jeez! Don’t you ever get tired of politics, Susanna?

I try to avoid death in my plots - it’s just too much. I’ve only ever killed off two characters, though admittedly both were children.

I’ve heard a lot from you two about Thorn. I’m sorry it’s too mature for me; I’d like to read it. :sad: I actually read a book with a semi-graphic sex abuse scene in it once (I didn’t know it was in there when I got it) and I had nightmares for a week. The whole book was disturbing, though.

My endings are normally hopelessly ambiguous. Not good and not bad, though there are a couple of exceptions.

When I killed off one of the characters in Thorn, I felt like a heel…

A heel? =/

I didn’t. The first one I designed for the specific purpose of committing suicide, and the second you never figure out if she really died (but I’m counting her as a death anyway). In addition, there are a couple characters in the former’s story whom I didn’t intend to die, but when I reread the story it seemed like they might’ve.

“Winter’s End”.

Glenn Beck Inconvenient Book

How did you like that Beck book?

I asked this by mistake in another thread, sorry for being redundant. What do you folks do with books when your done with them? If I don’t think I will read them again, or anyone else here, I put them in the night drop at the local library. I’ve seen a few on the shelves there, I can tell by the tell tale coffee stains and such. They also have a sale every year to raise money.

I have given books to the library and I saw once where they set up a rack to sell off th books I had given them. The other day I tried donating text books but they would not take them It was a pity because they were newer than the old ones they have on the shelf for computers.

I reread a lot of my books. If I don’t care that much to reread them, I give them away.

Ann Coulter How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must)