Last Movie You Saw

It’s simple. Just post the name of the last movie you have seen, whether it be at the theatre or on DVD. You may also comment on or rate the movies if you wish.


** “American Gangster” ** **** out of four.
Best movie I’ve seen so far this year.

3:10 To Yuma”. Good flick. Has elements of classic Westerns like “High Noon”, “Unforgiven” and “The Wild Bunch” in the movie. I’ll give it three and half stars.

Rocky and Bullwinkle movie on DVD. Three and a half to four stars. I feel that it was underrated at the box office.


Very awesome especially if you grew up in that era and were a childhood fan of them.

Ohio, have you ever seen the old version of 3:10 to Yuma with Glenn Ford?


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Pirates of the Carribean III.

2 stars…Seemed like they mailed it in, plus the plot was very convoluted.

Don’t get to see a lot of movies which from the state of Hollywood nowadays, I’m kinda glad about.

Apocalypto - Good movie overall,lots of blood & guts violence but relevant to the story.

Galaxy Quest. A funny movie that seemed to peg us star trek fans perfectly. :grin:

I remember that era very well. Late 80’s early 90’s.
Now were grown up and they finally make the movie lol.

Do you remember the Ghostbuster stuff that was big back then ?
My parents saved all the toys I had ghostbuster related in hopes we can EBAY it someday when its worth more.

Mr Brooks - 4 stars. Not the usual simple obvious serial killer movie.

Yeah, top notch serial killer movie.

No, I haven’t. I didn’t even know that there was previous 3:10 to Yuma until the current movie came out. I’ll have to check out the 1950’s version of the movie sometime. I’m willingly to bet to bet that in some ways it is better than the 21st century version of 3:10 to Yuma.

I got to see it on the Encore Western channel one night. I didn’t know it existed either until it came on. I guess they pulled it out of the vault after the remake. It was pretty good.

Saturday night, my wife and I took our son to see “The Bee Movie.” It seems that movies such as these are the only ones that I get to see anymore. It was an alright kids show but, I want to see some suspenseful action and maybe even some applicable goriness.

The Bourne Ultimatum was the last movie I saw. It was “Aw-ight” but the shaky-cam technique was overdone.

I watched Delta Farce and it was a funnier movie that I thought it was going to be. I don’t care that it’s not going to win any awards or praises from critics. The movie was made for the enjoyment of Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, and DJ Qualls and that’s what wins me over a lot of times.

Love Larry!

Simpsons: The Movie

Yup, same here.