Last Night's Democrat "Debate" - ROTFLMAO

Even by DNC/Democrat Party standards (if they had standards) last night’s debate could only be described as a “Cage Match”. However, try as they might, the Democrat “Buffoon 6” were completely outdone by the CBS moderators who officiated over the debacle. Honestly, and I’m not kidding, considering the rest of the world was watching this freak show, I’m embarrassed for our country.

Democrats, please remind me again why the Russians want Trump as POTUS for 4 more years? - they are meddling because they would rather deal with Trump and not push around one of the 6 idiots offered up by the DNC? The Dems are really peddling this caca?? What a joke.


I’d like to reply to your post and I will in time. I"m just so dumbfounded by last night’s debate that I can’t even get my thoughts together about it yet. just. wow.

Debate coverage explodes when Bloomberg admits he bought U.S. House seats for Dems

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared to just stop himself Tuesday from saying he “bought” the majority in the House of Representatives that Democrats gained in the 2018 midterms.

Bloomberg’s remarks came during the Democratic presidential debate in Charleston, South Carolina.

In the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats gained 40 seats in the House to seize the majority from Republicans, who had controlled the chamber since 2011, NBC News reported.

“Let’s just go on the record, they talk about 40 Democrats, 21 of those were people that I spent $100 million to help elect,” Bloomberg said.

That number is accurate, according to The New York Times.

The Times reported: “Overall spending by Mr. Bloomberg and his organizations in the 2018 elections topped $112 million, an amount that also includes donations to help Senate candidates and progressive organizations.”

“All of the new Democrats that came in put Nancy Pelosi in charge and gave the Congress the ability to control this president,” Bloomberg said Tuesday.

Bloomberg then appeared to stop himself from saying he “bought” those seats.

“I bought – I, I got them,” the former NYC mayor said.

His comments garnered quite the reaction on Twitter:

Bloomberg, a billionaire, has spent hundreds of millions of dollars self-funding his presidential campaign. He has also spent much of his fortune advocating for gun control and government action on climate change.…ntent=breaking

This means he bought them.  He owns them.

Another Bloomberg/Warren moment. When she excoriates him for allegedly telling some pregnant woman to ‘kill it’. I don’t get her outrage. Isn’t she pro baby killing? Isn’t her whole party pro baby killer? Of course they are. So Mike fits in as well as Governor CoonMan Northam. Kill it! Isn’t that one of their sacraments?

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LOL, and Warren AGAIN lied through her teeth about being fired for being pregnant. That story has long ago been debunked by Warren herself! She’s toast.

That fiasco reminded me of the “food fight scene” from “National Lampoon’s Animal House.” It would fun to assign names from the film to each Democrat candidate. Michel Bloomberg could be the chapter President, Hoover. Mayor Pete could be Otter. Tom Steyer looks like the guy who appeared to have brain damage. Amy Klobuchar could be one of the snobby sorority sisters. Word has it she treats her staff people like dirt. Elizabeth Warren could be Dean Warner. She has Michel Bloomberg on “double secret probation.” Joe Biden could be the dead horse, Trooper. He’s soon going to politically dead.

Bernie Sanders used play the John Baluchi role except for the fact he’s not funny any more. He’s just plain scary as he gets closer to the Whitehouse.

His popularity among the young proves the point about the brain’s cortex not becoming fully developed until maturity. But I guess if you have lived in you daddy’s basement and never had a decent job, you never get a chance to develop the skills to make sound judgments.

Probably the best description of Sanders’ “career” I’ve read so far. In his entire life, he’s NEVER accomplished a single thing except getting himself elected year after year. Never earned an honest dollar in his life, lived off of welfare until he was elected the first time, never had a single piece of legislation passed that he sponsored and never MADE a single thing that other people might want for themselves. He lives the life of a millionaire while denigrating other millionaires, drives a car that cost 6 figures and recently bought a “camp” (translation: Lakefront home) that cost over $600,000 in addition to his two mansions in Vermont and D.C. I wouldn’t vote for him for dog-catcher, let alone President.

There is an excellent chapter in the new book, Profiles in Corruption by Peter Schweizer. Bernie may have done a little honest work picking fruit when he lived in kibbutz in Israel. The kibbutz had a political affiliation with Soviet Union, and their idol was Joseph Stalin.

Bernie never had a steady job until he got elected Mayor of Burlington, Vermont. Then the gravy started coming in. He gave his wife a high paying job, and eventually made her president of Burlington College, and institution that had a graduation rate of 22%. At one point he tried to make a connection with Castro’s Cuba where the students might “study abroad.” When she left, she got a severance package of $200,000. Bernie became adept at taking payments from developers while he condemned them in public.

He’s sponsored less than 10 bills that have become law. Two of his successes have to been to give names to post offices. When his opponents accuse him of being a “do nothing” Senator and Congressman, they are spot on. He as useful as a community organizer who gets rich stirring up trouble. His life hero is Eugene Debs.

You might say that Bernie Sanders is a White Al Sharpton. They have a lot in common.

He “sponsored” NO bills that became law. He was listed as a CO-sponsor for a few that did, though. He never wrote a bill himself that ever became law.

Even democrats know he is worthless. Hilliary does. It’s the first thing she got right.

Sanders never was a democrat, Bloomberg turned from democrat to republican and he is neither, and Warren just invented who she was.

One must twist themselves into all kinds of knots to ignore the difficulties of the dems, or one must have great hatred towards others to consider voting for any one of them.

When it comes to hate, you should read the posts from a Trump hating Democrat on another site I frequent. He is actually hoping that the corona-19 virus gets much worse so that he can blame Trump. The man is evil and probably mentally ill.

If the Dems screw over Bernie again, the Bernie-bots will vote Republican or sit out the election. If Bernie actually GETS the nomination, a whole LOT of Democrats will abandon the Democrat Party and vote for Trump or sit out the election. Either way, Trump wins.

I hope you are correct. This virus is the wildcard. It is sinking the stock markets, which hurts a Trump’s message. A recession will send lemmings running to a Sanders, ever if his message is totally stupid.

I don’t know what’s going on with FoxNews, but I just read that they did a poll and said that Trump will lose the election.

It’s no wonder there are so many left-wingers in this country. When one considers the commies and socialists which haunt the hallowed halls of our colleges and universities and how STOOPID kids are today, it doesn’t surprise me that Bernie is the fave.

A lady at one of the restaurant interviews on Fox News summed it up pretty well this morning. She said that the reason why the kids are so addicted to socialism is because the parents have raised them to be sheltered from the world. The parents gave them everything, and now they expect the government take care of them just like their parents.

I have two nephews who are like. Mommy and daddy paid for their college and neither one of them can get a job in related to their majors. One got a degree in astronomy. He has flunked his Graduate Record Exams twice and can’t get into graduate school, which is mandatory if he is ever to do anything with his degree. He’s living home, of course. He finally got job at a grocery story.

The other one got a degree in journalism. When I asked what he was going to do after graduation, he told me that he was going to be “an investigative journalist” and that his friends were going to “get him a job.”

This kid has the energy of a sloth. When I told him that he had picked out a “kick butt” profession and that he needed to really get some gumption to succeed, he didn’t believe me. Needless to say, he didn’t get the journalism job after college. He has landed a management trainee job, with the help of his father, at a well-known retailer, and he’s also living at home. The last I knew both of them were paying the princely sum of $150 a month to live at home.

Now for the kicker. The astronomy kid told me that he “is a socialist, but not a communist.” He’s about a far left as you can get. The journalist is also a far leftist who was going to change the world with his pen. Both of them are gay, but that’s the least of their issues.

So, there you have it. Two 25 year old men who are still acting like they are 12. Their sister is a real go-getter who is pulling down a 6 figure salary with a major logistics company.

She is just under 30, and she is a Republican. She says the younger generation drives her nuts. They come into the company expecting to elevated to vice president very shortly without doing any work.

No all millennials are lost, but enough of them are to give Sanders his base. You might think that Sanders is unelectable, but don’t bank on it. There are a lot of lazy people out there who think the world owes them a living, and they think Sanders will give it to them.