Last Night's GOP Debate


Even though the moderators were crap last night, (10-28-15) I thought the debate was excellent. For the most part the candidates seemed “unified” as Republicans and they are starting to send a message that “they” are the answer to the currently liberal lunacy.

Cruz absolutely knocked it out of the ballpark last night. He was the clear winner as his comments towards the moderators changed the “tone” of the debate. His tax plan is great and he brought about a very excellent point that he is the ONLY one on the debate panel who has actually stood up to the Washington cartel.

Ted Cruz 2016. Reigniting the Promise of America!!!


Even though Trump’s numbers are still at the top, Cruz came from single digits to the number two spot. Perfect opportunity. If he becomes Trump’s running mate, he’ll have eight years as Vice President and then eight years as President. It’ll take that long to fix what Obama has broken.

Cruz DID kick some serious ass last night.