Late-night legend David Letterman's ugly personality no laughing matter, former ...


Late-night legend David Letterman’s ugly personality no laughing matter, former colleagues say
Saturday, March 11, 2017, 7:00 PM

Late-night funnyman David Letterman was hardly a barrel of laughs off the air.

A new biography of the now-retired talk show host portrays Letterman as more self-loathing than self-critical — and an often miserable man who inflicted his pain on his staff.

Comic Rich Hall, a writer for Letterman’s NBC show, was floored by the host’s new, abrasive nature (on CBS) when he appeared as a guest. Hall followed actress Andie MacDowell, who had just flopped in her segment. Before the cameras came on, Letterman leaned over and snarled, “How’d you like to be married to that c—?”

Letterman and Leno are both reliably liberal. Leno seems like the kind of guy with whom one could sit down and have a chat over a beer. Letterman semed like a guy who preferred wine, and would wish Napa Valley wine were French on one day and wish French wine were from the Napa Valley on the next day. I.E. a petty jerk.


I had heard that for years about him, that is was a FLAMING to his staff.

The late night talk show has had a LOT of pretenders, wannabes and hacks. In that crowd jay leno stood out, but in the late night genera, there is one King of late night and only 1…Heeeereees Johnny! No has ever be able to fill those shoes.


Carson defined the Late Night Talkshow. He and Leno came across as reasonably genuine people. I think Paul Shaffer could have done better as a host than Letterman.




One particular contrast between Leno and Letterman that I found in Leno’s favor was that he was good- and genuine- with kids. Letterman was neither.