Latest comment about judge, Trump is trying to lose this election...


Many on here suggested that Trump was not a Republican and many of us assumed he was just here to ruin the GOP and ensure the Democrats win the election and now probably the House. Appears to be a strong possibility of all of these.

The latest salvo against the judge, based on his background; has assured he will be beaten soundly. He has put the GOP back decades already and it will only be a deeper hole the longer he continues. The Supreme court will be lost, the House and the election will be won handedly by Clinton. As Rubio, Cruz and other warned and were ignored, he will be attacked full force by the media and will do his best to give plenty of soundbites and material in which to attack him with

Ultimately, Trump will land nicely. He will gain a strong following of minions to buy his “Make America Great Again” hats abd shirts post election defeat, and his net worth will go up sharply after his new found reality TV fame called the General Election. Many of his supporters, though well intended, will realize they supported a man who couldn’t be trusted, nor wouldn’t be reigned in.

Will we be able to recognize America in a decade?


this judge is an activist judge and associated with la Raza. This doesn’t bother me one bit except for the fact that activist judges do not belong on the bench. This isn’t gonna change my mind. Matter of fact, I cannot WAIT to vote trump in November.

Now ask yourself why the right is hammering on this HARDER than the left.


Curiel is an activist for illegal immigration, works on behalf of San Diego La Raza immigration activists to select illegal aliens for scholarships.

Since Trump has made his stance on Illegal Aliens known …
You don’t see a problem there?

Oh and one of the attorneys appointed by the ‘Judge’ is connected to the Clintons!


LA RAZA= “The Race”


You can bring evidence about the judge, and maybe this judge shouldn’t be on the case, which is why Trump should have asked him to recluse himself you don’t randomly attack a guy “because he is Mexican”. He didn’t, instead he just used his nationality broadly, rather than using his activism, that’s a big difference.

You can vote for him, but he isn’t winning, even if some of his ideas and intentions are good. GOP won’t be back in power for another decade at best. He ruined the party and paved the easiest path to the White House for a Democrat who even her own party doesn’t like nor find trustworthy.

Maybe a Libertarian Party run is needed this election. It might surprise a lot of people and draw attention to the beauty and uniqueness of the American system as it was meant to be presented.

I want to see someone outline the path to victory when he is losing against so many demographics, and the Democrats haven’t even unified, nor has Obama started to show active support for Clinton.

This was over long ago, but his immaturity and impulsive, reactive language has sunk him. I’m starting to think he really might have some psychological problems.


It’s about damn time somebody did. WHEN does the left care about a biased judge especially calling the shots especially when it is someone he and they are politically opposed to. Do it by the book…HELL, there IS NO BOOK anymore. It’s all bullship. It’s time someone said it like it is.

Trump has no psychological problems. YOUR problem is that you and the repub elites can’t destroy him. WHAT he says IS PATRIOTIC. WHAT he says is WHAT Americans THINK.

You go ahead though, let the repub elites choose your candidate for you AGAIN…and you’ll get the same damn thing we’ve been getting…and we’ll be the next Venezuela. We’re already half way there.


Caroline - Please delete some old PM’s so you can receive my reply to yours. I really want to know what “story” of mine touched you.


Lets put this aside for a moment and assume all is well on the Mexican front. Does this mean Trump can win? I doubt it, the numbers do not add up, meaning unless he pulls a good chunk of center left liberals than he cannot win. He MUST take ever Red state + Florida to win…


Speaking at such a forum does not make the judge “guilty by association”. However, had Trump spoken of this possible connection his rant on the judge might have been more broadly accepted. But, Trump made no mention of this. What he did charge the judge with is being, oh my God dare I say it, a Mexican and therefore biased against Trump.

Trump, by making this racial attack for his own personal reasons - he has a case pending in the judge’s court - has revealed who and WHAT he is. If Trump thought the judge unfit to hear the case he had legal remedies - petition for a change of venue, for example. But, no, he singles this guy out because for one stated reason, he’s a Mexican - which, in fact, he is not - he was born here to parents who, by all accounts, came to the states legally.

So, now, after 8 years of a destructive regime under a pathological narcissist, Obama, we are confronted with a choice between two people running for president who are ENTIRELY unfit for any office, anywhere and at any time.

With all there was for Trump to talk about - such as adding only 38K jobs in May and scandals out the Kazoo - Trump self destructs on this kind of sh*t.

Trump is what he is. A stone assh*le. Period. He and Clinton are cut from the same cloth.


you will think that if you continue to listen to your enemies on the right. THEY have a lot to lose if WE the people choose the next potus. It is my opinion he is no worse than what we have right this minute and very possibly a whole lot better than 99% of them.


I fear this is worse than a loss, this is a guy intentionally trying to lose. It’s as if he realizes this whole Gameshow is starting to get serious and he has more at stake than just losing an election. He has a chunk of his fortune on the line.

From day one he went off the rails and to his surprise I imagine; helped by a very large field and an angry electorate, he gained a big head start and never slowed down. I still suggest that Rand Paul would have had by far the best chances of winning the election against Clinton, but the deep pockets weren’t in his corner and he would have needed an early heads-up against Trump to have a shot.

If an “establishment” candidate means Rubio or Rand Paul, I would gladly welcome that. It’s not as if Trump is the bedrock of Conservatism as say a Cruz so what’s the difference? You can be angry at an establishment candidate who might win, or be excited about a crusader who probably loses and is even less Conservative than the establishment candidates.


IF unfit for office means he does not know the wiles of politicians then BRING HIM ON. Haven’t we had JUST about enough of that. Look at this country. It’s time to get rid of these stinking politicians that are leeches on the rest of us.


Trump will not lose support over pointing out that this Judge is committed to a political agenda that opposes the Law and uses his authority as a Judge to perpetuate that agenda, everyone who is not in the political class knows all this and is outraged by it regularly.

Cities burn because “The Law” refuses to protect the citizens from the violence of “protected groups”, violent groups can lynch supporters of some candidates in the street with impunity because a La Raza police chief refuses to protect the supporters of a candidate that is running against illegal immigration.

The American flag set ablaze as the Mexican flag/diaper is waved and innocent people are beaten in the streets of an American City are images that do not outrage the political class but they certainly burn deep in the citizenry of the nation; even the leftist citizenry since they have to live here too.

Trump saw his supporters beaten in the blowing ashes of the American Flag at his own rally while the police let it happen, all the while watching a corrupt La Raza Judge torpedo his court case without respect to the Law, so he barked out the same condemnation that most people who are not insulated from such realities in modern America have been saying for a long while.

Reagan said of situations like this "I would rather have strong box office than strong critical reviews"

I can’t support a Trump Presidency but that does not mean he is not absolutely right on this one, the last thing he should do is align with the people who have been ignoring Judicial Tyranny for decades; he should let these cowards bellow and let the results prove who understands what is really happening in States with large illegal immigrant populations.



One can point to numerous examples and make a general statement that often the courts have demonstrated a political agenda in rendering decisions.

But, in this instance, private citizen Trump claims the judge is biased on what grounds? - only one - Trump’s advocating a wall and the judge is a Mexican. In fact, the judge was born in the United States to Mexican parents who immigrated LEGALLY to the US. Trump has made no other argument for recusal.

This suit goes back to 2010 and this judge has been presiding over the case for about 4 years - long before Trump became a candidate. If Trump felt the judge has shown bias he has had legal remedies available. Seeking a change of venue would have been appropriate. However, no legal jurisdiction is going to pull a judge simply based on his heritage.

Trump might have a case on grounds other than race - if so, he should have enumerated exactly how he has been treated unfairly. Sadly, he did not. Instead he placed the judge’s ethnicity front and center and, by so doing, played into the hands of the Democrats - that he is thin skinned, vindictive and a racist and, therefore, not suitable to have his finger on the nuclear button.

For those rational people among us - folks who wished to avoid a Hillary presidency and a Hillary Supreme Court - Trump’s “unforced error” makes it more likely Clinton will capture the presidency. And for what? How did this commentary by Trump expand his base? What good did it do for him other than make him more popular among bigots?

Trump revealed who he really is - thin-skinned and vindictive. I am stuck voting for this A-Hole simply because there’s a bigger A-Hole ready to move into the White House.

This should have been one of the easiest wins of all time for Republicans - because Trump personalizes everything - it’s all about him - he can’t stay focused and because he can’t stay on message - we will probably hand the election to Clinton. Trump needs to understand that he is carrying the hopes of millions of Americans - that not everything is about him.

Prediction: During the debates Hillary will push Trump’s buttons in order to get him to lash out at her on TV - she will make him out to be a bully and point to his debate demeanor as proof. Trump’s own lack of control will likely sink the ship.

Trump is correct on MANY issues, but he is very likely ill-equipped to carry the election. We have the correct message, but probably the wrong man. IMHO.

If Trump continues to double-down on this kind of crap, he could take down the Senate with him, maybe even the House.


When the original plaintiff in a case withdraws, normally a summary judgment is rendered and the case is over. In THIS case, however, the “judge” allowed the case to continue–even without a plaintiff. Huh??? What sort of stupidity would cause a “judge” to make such a ruling except bias towards the defendant? The judge is a member of “La Raza” and sits on the board which awards “scholarships” to “deserving” illegal Mexicans living in San Diego.


I am surprised that Trumps comment received any support on here. Like many of his decisions, these types of comments do nothing but hurt his chances, when he knows he has a slim shot and that it will require support from all corners of the electorate, he decides to anger these groups further. I’m convinced as I stated, that he is trying to lose the election and hand this to Clinton. Either that or he has some sort of problem that doesn’t allow him to reign in his impulses.

He can go after the judge, go after his activism, go after his political leanings, biases and agendas all he wants. He could also ask that the judge remove himself from the case based on these facts. He has now insulted basically every group in America, and he will lose in a landslide. It’s as if his brain finds some word such as “Mexican” to describe a more detailed link to the reasons he doesn’t like Trump and he shouts it out. Rather than explaining the facts about the judges activism and some of his controversial decisions, he picks out one word; his heritage, and decides to blurt it out expecting the listeners to magically make the connection via ESP.

I would strongly recommend that the Republicans take a serious look at the judge that Obama wants on the Supreme Court before the election happens. Most likely the GOP loses the election and the House, at least they need to pick a judge that is more middle of the road that what they will receive after the election.

Maybe this is a positive thing for the GOP in the long run. Change requires pain, and Trump sabotaging the party might force them to do so. When he loses, it would be wise for the GOP to return to it’s Conservative roots and ask Trump to exit the party.

One final point, remember when Trumps daughter and son missed the cutoff to register as Republicans in New York in order to vote? They remained independent as I remember. Maybe they were on to something…


You have it wrong, PD. Sometimes a summary judgment to dismiss is handed down under the circumstance you and Trump describe, but often it is not. Neither of us know the details of this case to the level required to pass judgment on the judge’s ruling on this matter. Trump’s talking point, which you embraced above, is proof of nothing.

In addition, you have completely mischaracterized this case as by stating there is no plaintiff - I suppose, in order to fit your narrative. In point of fact, there are several plaintiffs that remain attached to this case and seeking a redress of grievance on grounds originally stated in the suit. Obviously, the judge was unwilling to issue a summary judgment in this matter.

Does the fact the case was not dismissed and Judge Cariel’s heritage make him biased and unfair, as Trump argues and as you seem to agree? Is it possible the judge is neither biased or unfair and happens to view the merits of the case differently than Trump based of factual information thus far developed in the matter?

In either case, Trump has done damage to HIS campaign and to the hopes of those of us - YOU and ME - willing to keep Clinton out of the White House and away from appointing Justices to the Sup Ct by voting to elect him.

I firmly believe this avoidable situation was born out of who Trump is as a person - the man has a severe character flaw and this crap is going to follow him all the way to election day.


Not unlike the Gay/Transgender movement, this activist ‘Judge’ and his LA RAZA cohorts are doing all that they can to destroy America.
(Maybe ‘destroy’ is the wrong term, maybe ‘transform’ is the better descriptor?)

Regardless, these people are hell bent on changing this country into something that none of us will recognize in the future!

In 2001, Sonia Sotomayor, an appeals court judge, gave a speech declaring that the ethnicity and sex of a judge “may and will make a difference in our judging.”

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life”

(Where was the outcry of RACISM?)

The reason people are supporting Trump is the very fact that he is not Politically Correct!

To hell with the apologists!

Political Correctness has led us where we are today!

The attorney group leading the lawsuit against Trump are heavily involved in Democrat politics and have paid Bill and Hillary Clinton $675,000 for “speeches”. 

The Judge in the lawsuit is an open borders immigration activist with direct ties to San Diego La Raza, and has openly engaged with them on their political endeavors including scholarships for illegal aliens.

The Trump lawsuit relies (in part) on testimony from a former disgruntled employee of the Trump Organization who went to work for notorious #NeverTrump activist Glenn Beck.

The Judge then “accidentally” releases court records which provides the media with the names, locations, and contact information of the plaintiffs and witnesses in the case, which fuels the media narrative. 

After the “mistaken” release, Judge Curiel reseals the court records.

The Judge is a member of an ethnic legal group, HNBA, whose specific and publicly expressed intentions are to target Donald Trump’s business interests.


Activist judges, making law from the bench is taking this country down.

EVERY judge should be elected, ever 4 years and they run as as a non partisan, neither Republican nor Democrat, they run on their RECORD!

100% of all judges are IRS audited along with thier family for a period of 10 years after they leave their judgeship.