Latest poll GOP vs Clinton: Trump loses, Rubio, Cruz would win....


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Trump does the worst, losing 52-44%. Cruz would win 50%-47%, Cruz squeezes a victory 49-48%.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.
First, one poll. Others have differing results.
Second, don’t believe polls. They can be, and usually are, skewed.
Third, give up. We Trump supporters have our minds made up.

Now, that said, Cruz cannot win, and neither can Rubio. Why? Because they can’t even get past Trump.


Sadly for the prospects of the GOP in 2016, your last two sentences are absolutely correct barring a drastic change.


And? Everyone said that Trump was too unpopular to win the nomination. He had a “ceiling” of support around %25… Then %30… then %35. Now they are finally accepting that the “ceiling” was never really there. Or not much more than any candidate has a “ceiling” in a crowded field. Nobody is going to net %51 in a field of a dozen candidates.

Trump’s general election numbers will improve. Right now, he’s focused like a laser on reaching Republican voters. When he focuses on independents and disaffected Democrats, watch his numbers swell. And his general election ceiling break, over and over again.


I’m not going to disagree with you cwolf that it is possible that he wins, though I say it’s* improbable*. The more important question however, are his policies that drastically different from Clinton that it is worth the risk (yes, I used that word) of him being the Commander in Chief? The damage that has been done and would continue to be done to Conservative ideas if he were elected is immeasurable. This was easy to see almost from day one of his announcement. The downside of his nomination is extremely worrisome to not just America but the world.

Considering how many Conservatives will refrain from voting, or even vote for the Democrats due to his nomination, I think his climb is much tougher in a general election than his rise to the top of the GOP. I would gladly accept any of the other GOP candidates over Trump as the representative of the Republican Party.


I am not sure whether your opinion is causing your misinformation, or vice versa.
So far, Trump has been the cause of a 20% or better increase in GOP turnout. So your doomsday prediction of low voter turnout, is fantasy.
Whatever you think of Trump aside, he will be hands down, the better choice.
I do understand that you are looking at things through Canadian Eyes. It is obvious to me, that you don’t really understand what has been occurring the last 30 years, here.
Since Reagan, the GOP has moved to the left significantly. That is what has caused many of us to leave the Republican party. We have screamed until we are blue in the face, for things to change. They continue to give us leftist Pubbies to vote for, and in the last 3 or 4 elections, we’ve refused to support the establishment candidates. Oh, the angst, last election, when many of us chose to vote third party. The Pubbies here like MDMike have castigated us and blamed us for Obama being reelected. So, it comes as no surprise, that many of us will not vote for anyone who resembles the establishment.
Then, there’s Cruz. When you look into his donor list, you’ll see that he is in the pocket of Robert Mercer, and others, who will expect him to capitulate to their wishes. You see, for some odd reason, Republican’ts cannot seem to wrap their heads around the obvious, that we realize that donors get their way, and we get the shaft. You see, that is what this is ALL about. American politics is as corrupt as you’ll ever see. Did you ever wonder why Obozo was so intent on Obozocare? Do you reckon it had anything to do with the fact that they gave him 20 million, is '08? He knows it is bad for America, and the poor, but his donors are making billions.
And, they think we are stupid enough to do it all over again. Many here, some of whom I respect, misunderstand my reasons for backing Trump. I believe the biggest problem in America is corruption in political office. How can we solve economic, security and foreign policy issues, when the politicians are only looking to pad their wallets, and get reelected? It won’t ever happen.
We need someone to break this cycle. We need someone who doesn’t need the money. We need someone who’ll try to make America Great again, in spite of the corrupt Congress we have. Trump’s ego is such that he doesn’t like to fail. This endeavor is costing him money, so IMHO he is sacrificing to make this happen.
Now, you folks can resume trashing Trump.


National polls are irrelevant even if they are accurate; we still have an electoral system. Many individual state polls will start popping up once it is pretty much settled that it is going to be a Clinton/Trump race. 20,000 Massachusetts voters made the extra effort to change their party affiliation from Democrat to Republican to be able to vote in the GOP primary. They aren’t voting for Cruz or Rubio and they are the tip of the iceberg of Trump Democrats who will come out in November. There are reports of private polls in New York showing Trump leading in the general election. Trump is going to re-write the red/blue electoral map. Rubio or Romney versus Hillary might be close but who really cares which one wins; anyway, I don’t care. If Cruz pulls off a miracle and wins the nomination, I will vote for him, I will go door to door for him but he doesn’t have a prayer. The left will successfully paint him as a religious extremist. Beyond Texas, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and a few states in the deep south where’s he going? And Trump hasn’t even begun unloading on Hillary in a way that Cruz is incapable of just like Romney and McCain were incapable or unwilling to go against Obama. McCain and Romney didn’t lose because the weren’t conservative enough, the lost because they failed to pound the litany of Obama’s faults into the minds of the electorate. Many of you wanted a revolution in the GOP and now you got it.


Keep in mind - the “dung train” is going to travel in both directions.

Understand, Hillary is a known quantity - her dirty laundry has been in public view for some time. Sure, there might be a few pieces of dung to be revealed on her, but her dung cart is nearly full and she still going to be the nominee - unless she is issued an orange jumpsuit.

As for Trump - the vetting/dung mining process is hardly underway. You had best know it’s coming; the diaper will be full and it will smell. Media is examining his diaper and sharpening the knives as we speak.

If people think the Republican debates have been cage matches, they had best strap in tight - there is going to be hell to pay and I predict it is going to be humiliating and embarrassing for the people of this nation.

BTW, the “trump Democrats”, as you call them, who showed up in the Repub primaries, will come out in November - the question is will they be voting for Trump?