Law banning female genital mutilation ruled unconstitutional; Michigan doctors cleared of charges


Revisited after four months?

Now I know what topics interest you folks!


I don’t come here often. Got other things to worry about. When I come, I respond to people who responded to me. Subject is irrelevant.


I don’t, both have to go, or both stay.

Those are the only honest positions.

Some FGM does, others don’t. That’s what you haven’t realized yet Tiny.

Some FGM is so innocuous, that it causes less harm to girls, then circumcision in this country does to boys.

That’s what they had in Michigan. It wasn’t slicing off anything, it was just a prick.

If you want to make that illegal, then you have to come out against male circumcision. The latter is objectively worse.




Nice to know how DISHONEST I am.
I have failed to realize nothing. FGM seeks to control female sexuality. CONTROL. That is what you fail to realize.
I refuse to know anyone who feels this mutilation is DESIRABLE from either standpoint. I’d kick my own brother out of my house if he condoned that crap.
Biut, I actually expect that from a Muslim apologist.
Carry on, carrying on.


I repeat; this is how it was defended in court.

This FGM past muster, because the court sought medical opinion, and found male circumcision was worse than what these Muslims were doing.

Those are the facts.

The people in Michigan were not cutting off anything. Look it up Tiny.
They’re an esoteric Indian sect, with a different practice.

I’m not tricking you, I’m not lying to you, Look. it. up.


I never thought you were lying, just ignoring facts.
FGM is a violation of Human Rights, both in international law, and the India Constitution. It has ZERO health benefits and cause many lasting and severe trauma, both physically and Psychologically.
SO, I do not care WHO is doing this, oh and it is ISLAMISTS, not Hindus doing this. Sub sects of Sunni and Shia do this, TO CONTROL THE SEXUALITY OF THEIR WOMEN.
I have beat this dead horse long enough. You obviously support this travesty, so have a nice day.


Are you acknowledging the facts yet?
They’re not cutting any tissue. Nothing is removed.

You can’t criticize them in the abstract, you have to address what they’re actually doing tiny.

Male circumcision cuts off tissue and nerves. It causes partial desensitization, what these Indians are doing does not remove any nerves.


Look, I grow weary of your mantra. Everything in men/women is not equal.
WHY do the FGM? It does not aid in hygiene, it does not improve anything. It only serves to deprive the women of pleasure in sex. THAT is why they do it, to CONTROL the woman. Are you in favor of CONTROLLING women through their sexual urges. If so, I don’t want to even know you. The WHY, is what you refuse to address. Why do you continue trying to defend this indefensible act? Many of these girls are prepubescent, and therefore, can remember the horror, pain, infections, etc.
I am circumcised, from birth. I have had no issues. I have had dozens of partners in my life, and none complained, in fact, many prefer it. Your schpeel about cutting nerves and insensitivity may satisfy some need to justify your belief, but you cannot deny it is done to Control a woman, and believe me, most would decline if they weren’t being betrayed by their parents, whom they trust to keep them safe.
It is monstrous to condone such a thing. I am done. Your posts make you sound incorrigible.


That’s something that counts against your argument here Tiny.

The female vulva is more infection prone than male foreskin. You can also remove it without making the women desensitized.

And yet, when women get an infection, they don’t ask for that skin to be removed.

They do the same thing you do for any other infection; antibiotics.

Male circumcision is functionally useless; you’re cutting healthy tissue for something modern medicine already controls for.

There’s no defending it. There’s no point to it being around.

Yet we have it, it became widespread here, because it was thought to be a way decrease men’s proclivity to masturbation.

A legacy of Sexual Control. The very thing you say is deplorable, and to which I agree.

So let’s end both.