Lawsuit Alleges Cronyism In Obama Administration “Green Energy” Loans


Lawsuit Alleges Cronyism In Obama Administration “Green Energy” Loans
January 10, 2013 by John Hinderaker

A lawsuit recently filed in the United States Court of Claims may shed further light on the corruption of the Obama administration’s “green energy” programs. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of XP Vehicles, Inc. and Limnia, Inc., companies that competed for Department of Energy loans under a Congressionally-authorized program. The owners of XP eventually realized that there was no real competition, and that the whole Department of Energy program was a scam intended to funnel money to Obama and Democratic Party campaign contributors and political allies. They allege in addition that DOE misappropriated proprietary technology that they submitted in connection with their loan applications, and gave that technology to Obama administration cronies.

Are the allegations true? I don’t know. They certainly are consistent with what we know about the administration’s green energy programs, and there is no doubt about the fact that companies like Tesla and Fisker, which won out in preference to these plaintiffs, were 1) politically connected, and 2) failures in the marketplace. …

IF Fisker and Tesla (not sure whether Tesla has produced enough cars yet for it to called a marketplace failure, BTW) were actually chosen as superior products in a real competition it should be easy for the DOE to produce for the court the documents detailing their decision. Far more likely, IMO, is that the Obama Administration will crank up another of their well-oiled Stonewall Machines.


Probably cronyism. Something that has been done in every level of our govt for the past 20 years. Cronyism, the new capitalism.


So, 20 years of past corruption - stipulating your claim for the sake of discussing this point - makes present corruption not worth stopping and punishing? Or did you have some other, unspoken, point?


Funny, too, since cronyism has been around since time immemorial.


[quote=“Susanna, post:4, topic:37788”]
Funny, too, since cronyism has been around since time immemorial.
[/quote]Naw never happens–when pigs fly:rofl:

Oh wait I saw a pig flying the other day in a commerical and talking while using his blackberry or what ever type of phone it was.

On the serious side I guess there are those who do not remember why civil service came into being.


So much for the green revolution and all those jobs that they would bring!

Where’s trekky to defend how great his Prius is? If he doesn’t own an electric and/or hybrid car AKA a Prius (since that appears to be the only mildly successful electric car in mass production right now) then he is a hypocrite and according to most hipster liberals uncool!

I hope this lawsuit exposes the faulty technology in these vehicles. But then again, as my dad who owns an auto mechanic chain says, “New and shiny technology as well as flashy gizmos on cars means more things will break.” Which means more profit for me and my family :)!!!

But he hates having to go back to school every five years or so to learn how this new green technology doesn’t work!


Not sure how you got that from what I said. Yeah, one of my points was that cronyism is almost celebrated in our society today.