Lawsuit can proceed versus maker of gun used in Conn. school shooting


Oh my gosh. I cannot help wondering just what is getting into some judges.

Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis declined to dismiss it, saying the gunmaker, a unit of Madison, North Carolina-based Freedom Group Inc, had not proven that the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act stopped her from hearing the case.

“The Superior Court has subject matter jurisdiction over a wrongful death action where the injury arose out of conduct by the defendants,” Bellis wrote. “Any immunity that PLCAA may provide does not implicate this court’s subject matter jurisdiction.”

Lawsuit can proceed versus maker of gun used in Conn. school shooting
April 14, 2016

I won’t attempt to make any predictions on this but if the case goes to a full court room brawl and the judge rules against the defendant I would anticipate a long drawn out hearing in an appeals court.

I really do wonder just how the defendant is responsible for the actions of someone who killed his mother and smashed his way in a locked firearms storage cabinet. Also remember that the young man did not purchase the firearm in the first place, his mother did.


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Devil that was a true statement many years ago, but today, not so much anymore. It has metastasized and spread like a cancer treated with gasoline, it has spread across America like wildfire over the past almost 8 years. The only solution is to put the patient out of its misery…after all they kill horses don’t they? The only way to save our country is to kill it and start all over again with the same blueprint that made us the envy of the world.


It was an old quote, I forget who said it first.


Don’t worry Devil I knew what you were saying and you were correct…

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