Lawsuit: White House “Model” program didn’t report child sex abuse

Lawsuit: White House “Model” program didn’t report child sex abuse
Posted by Joelle Casteix
June 20, 2014

This press release crossed my desk this morning. Apparently, the White House and the US Department of Education didn’t check to make sure that their “model” program knew how to report suspected abuse.

As I have noted before, child-on-child abuse is just as damaging as any other kind of child sexual abuse and should NEVER be covered up.

Sac Lawsuit: “Model” Educational Program Didn’t Report Sexual Abuse
Six-Year-Old Violently Molested by 10-Year-Old
White House-Praised Program Knew of Risk, Did Nothing
Regulators Cited After School Program for “lack of supervision” in Restrooms

In a lawsuit filed last month, the mother of a 6-year-old victim of child sex abuse charges that officials at a popular Sacramento-area after school program knew that a 10-year-old student had a history of sexually provocative behavior at the school, but did not inform parents or Child Protective Services of the danger.

The suit, filed in Placer County Superior Court, says that STAR NOVA, an afterschool program operating at Twelve Bridges Elementary, had evidence that a 10-year-old student in the program had engaged in dangerous behaviors, including making other children undress, sexually-explicit language, and violence. Instead of intervening and contacting Child and Protective Services or law enforcement, school administrators did nothing to stop the child.

First, CA’s Mandatory Reporter law, which includes school personnel as Mandatory Reporters of suspected child abuse, has been around for decades! How could the administrators of this program and their oversight adminicrats at the school NOT know they were required by law to report this abusive child?!

Second, maybe schools should cease harassing boys who bite Poptarts into un-PC shapes and girls who bring Hello Kitty bubble guns to school and use that energy to protect students from actual abusers!


Before long, the PC crowd will assure us that sexual abuse is not abuse . . .

I think it was back when we still had access to TV that FC said he heard some woman (psychologist) say that sexual abuse by a family member is not as bad as sexual abuse by a stranger. What a pack of nonsense! It’s all bad, of course, but it seems to me that it is far worse when it comes from someone you should be able to trust to protect you! Our last pastor adopted 3 boys who had been verbally/physically/sexually abused. It has been about 12 years, but they are still struggling with issues of trust.