LBGTQ Pride Over Job Counseling - Really? What's Wrong With These Pictures?


I have posted a screenshot of two adjacent emails in my inbox. The first show an email from my County Board of Legislators celebrating LGTBQ Pride Month. The next, from a nonprofit agency announcing the discontinuance, due to “funding cutbacks” of valuable program of workshops aimed at assisting people who suddenly become unemployed in the 50’s or later as they are replaced by “new blood.” These people face mainstream problems of loss of the emotional anchor of their daily job, and the need to train to write CV’s, use LinkedIn and other job search tools.

I don’t “celebrate” the fact that I am heterosexual and work every day. Fringe groups getting funding to “celebrate” what? Something is very badly wrong with society’s priorities.


“The priority” is to use public funds to bribe left wing special interest groups into voting for the Left, the queer mafia is one of these groups.

In Kalifornia we just made health care free for illegal immigrants, meanwhile there is a homeless explosion of citizens who have been taxed and regulated into abject poverty by the same State.


If you are White and male and in your 50s or older, you don’t deserve any help from the state because you have lived your entire life enjoying “White male privilege.” If fact, you are now the enemy because your voting patterns are more than likely, “despicable.”