Lee, Romney Propose Legislation to Prevent Trump from Diverting Funds to Border Wall


And to think, lots of folks wanted Romney for president and others thought that Lee would make a great Supreme Court Judge as a Trump selection!



I am becoming very sad that I knocked on doors, in the heat, in Florida to elect Romney. When you are a party member, you look at the issue. If the issue does not mean a lot to you, you get past it if you disagree. If you agree with the issue, but question the method, you think about what is more important.

Illegal immigration has reached a crisis. The time has come to do all we can to curb it. Romney and Lee have decided that it’s not that big a deal. Romney is proving to be a egotist who thinks this will give him enough notoriety to revive his presidential ambitions with “never Trumpers.”

He wants to be part of the swamp, run and probably lose again. The time has come for Romney to retire or become a Democrat. He is a RINO. Who knows? Maybe he is a closet socialist who has pushes the usual line, “I made mine, but you can’t make or have yours because socialism is better for all of us … except me.”

Lee is a Glen Beck favorite. Beck is an unreliable Republican ally. He is into money and ratings. He says he is for Trump now but don’t bet on that. Ditto for Lee who might be the next Lowell Wicker who was a “liberal Republican” senator and governor from Connecticut. Wicker was just a Democrat with a Republican shell.



And where these weasels when illegals were treated in exactly the same way, and worse, under Obama?


This “separating children from their parents” nonsense is BS of the WORST sort. If you shoplift and have your kids with you, THEY will be separated from their parent, too. If you drive drunk with your kids in the car, THEY will be separated from their parent, too. If you sneak across our border without permission–REGARDLESS of your motivation for doing so–you will be separated from your children, too. Besides, a SIGNIFICANT percentage of these “children” aren’t related in any way to the adults they’re accompanying. The LDS church had better understand this before spouting off about any “atrocities” at the border. The “atrocities” are being committed by these illegal invaders of our country and their enablers on the left and in the cartels…NOT by the Border Patrol.


The good news is that it’s DOA, assuming it ever passes the Senate.


I took so much flak for refusing to vote for Romney, I told everyone that he was every bit the extreme leftist that Obama was but if he won the GOP would back him as he implemented the same same Leftist agenda that he implemented in Massachusetts.


Belated apology.


Accepted but I was not really thinking about the forum heat, most of the people in my political circles and family were desperately trying to get me to see Romney as a savior; I took a pretty strong stand after watching what Arnold had done to this State but my friends just did not see the connection.