Left Exploiting Rampage to ‘Criminalize’ Conservatives


Watchdog: Left Exploiting Rampage to ‘Criminalize’ ConservativesIn an exclusive Newsmax interview, one of the nation’s leading media analysts, L. Brent Bozell, says the left’s systematic ridicule of Sarah Palin and other conservatives following the Arizona shooting rampage reflects a deliberate campaign to “ultimately criminalize” conservative thought in America.

FoxNews.com - Friends, Critics Dispute Arizona Sheriff’s Remarks on ‘Political Rhetoric’ in Wake of Rampage

I guess Sheriff Dupnik doesn’t realize Rep. Giffords is a supporter of the rights of gun owners and owns a gun herself. He also doesn’t realize this is not the fault of anyone other than the murderer himself, who is fascinated with leftist politics. It is so much easier to spin and exploit it to attempt to shut down the voices of the right. It’s all the fault of Palin and conservative talk radio hosts. Of course, this was to be expected, considering Dupnik has made controversial statements in the past about the Tea Party and gun rights. It’s so bad, the idiot doesn’t even know the history of his own state. He draws a comparison of something to the effect of people running around modern day Arizona carrying guns wherever they wish to the history of Tombstone in the Old West. There was actually a city ordinance in Tombstone during this era which required people to check their guns and not carry them within town limits.

Dupnik isn’t alone, however. This is quite typical of the left. They blamed Rush for the Oklahoma City bombing, Bush for 9-11, and President Reagan for the spread of AIDS.


Nothing new here. Just another excuse for them to try it again.


Palin’s response:
Palin Blasts ‘Reprehensible Blood Libel’ Over Arizona Shooting