Left vs Left?


How Feminism CASTRATED New Atheism!

Since Trump has turned parts of the political Right against other parts of the Right… I thought my friends here at RO would enjoy a video where the Left points out and ridicules the hypocrisy of other segments of the Left, or more specifically, Liberal social justice warriors.

Should you decide to watch it, I warn you. The narrator is an atheist and by most Right leaning standards would be considered Liberal. So if you agree with the narrator, remember that you are agreeing with a Liberal atheist. For some of you this might cause some confusion…



Glad to see the alliance between the lefties and the perpetual victim class has a crack – assuming this guy is actually a liberal. Maybe our nation can begin ignoring these morons. Probably not. The left as far as I can see remains obsessed with skin color and genitalia. Glad a few on the left are starting to get sick of it though. I’ll finally believe the left are over it when we eliminate the concept of “protected classes.”


They won’t get sick of it.

They’ll keep on thumping the tub, as long as we’re rich enough to suffer Leftists to live.

This is 21st-Century Marxism. The immediate followers of Marx, tried to divide cultures by class.

It didn’t work.

Now they’re trying to divide society through RACE-HATRED.

They’re having much more success - especially with the morons they are elevating to godhead-status by virtue of skin color. Moronic blacks are given license to hate Whitey, and act out that hatred. White school children are taught race-hatred based on their own skin color. And EVERYONE is all-but-ordered to hate their culture - for not immediately creating a special, elevated class for non-whites.

That’s how this African bastard

(the proper term for him; born out of wedlock in an assignation where the marriage was bigamous and not even legally valid)

…came to be in the White House. It sure wasn’t his intelligence. It wasn’t his achievement. It wasn’t even the connection he makes with others - he is psychologically unable to relate to others; he may have an Autism-spectrum disorder.

He got where he was because angry white liberal leaders in the shadows…PUSHED HIM UP THERE. And simpleton voters voted for his skin color.

And unless huge numbers of Americans get smart, fast…we are going to have worse done to us by non-white racialist ready to wage race warfare.


:rofl: That was just too funny. Watching the left implode on itself(even if it is slowly) should be a reality TV show.