Left vs. Right


This is the clearest illustration of Left vs. Right I’ve ever seen.


And the people said ??? No responses here, eh?


I clicked through and watched the video. Good mashup of quotes and accurate.


I think you gotta give people some time to actually see this thread. Some of us have stuff to do on a Friday.

It’s funny to compare Reagan to people like Harry Reid and company and then claim you have a valid argument. Unless you want to compare FDR to Boehner and see if that is any more valid than this. I’m actually tempted to make a video like that, just to show how quote mining can make any position seem valid. I doubt liberals hold stupid Harry Reid as some sort of model for liberal politics or economics any more than conservatives hold Boehner as some sort of model.


I think its funny that you are complaining about that tactic, as you often do the same thing


That’s why I have Trekky on IGNORE, but I still see him when he’s quoted.
Trekky, you’re not up to rational debate, so just go away.


Except Boehner is a Big Government Progressive and so was FDR. Try again if your looking for spectrum opposites.


And Harry Reid is an idiot. That’s exactly my point. Boehner is no more representative of an ideal conservative politician than Obama or Reid are a liberal one. Thanks for making my point for me.


But Reagan and Reid are on opposite ends of the spectrum.


So are Reid and Hitler, but I wouldn’t dare try and claim that Hitler is somehow representative of right-wing politics.


Actually, if I may, Hitler has been mislabelled if you are calling him right wing. Allow me a moment, instead of just saying your wrong and calling you some sort of name (not my style, or at least I am trying not to make it my style)

What are the characteristics of right-winger?
Fierce individualism
Religious Conviction
Personal Freedoms
Laissez-faire Capitalism

Hitler was a FAR-LEFT Dictator. I know you don’t think this is possible, but look at his policies. One, he pushed the destruction of religions and tried to bring back paganism with his cult-stuff. He took away personal freedoms like guns. He seized control of industry. Established state-controlled companies like Volkswagen (which translates to “The People’s Car” Company). He was, believe it or not, a BIG environmentalist. I know, you wouldn’t think so, but look it up. He was one of the first to declare a lot environmental policies. The idea of the big government itself is very prevalent in Nazi Germany, where the state is more important than the individual. This does not correlate at all to the convention definition of a right-winger.

I would say the only similarity between Hitler and the Right were their conviction in a strong national pride and their push for a large military. However, I believe these particular qualities are parisan neutral. The Soviets did the same thing and they are the poster-child of the Left.

So, to conclude, your above statement is false, sir.


How is he far-left? I’ll accept your argument that maybe fascism isn’t far-right, but far-left? How? Far-left is usually embodied by removing power from a central authority and spreading it amongst the people, a la in communism and socialism, and thus destroying the status quo. Far-right is usually embodied by nationalism and conservative status quo viewpoints.

Then state power and individual power would be on a separate scale of authoritarian and libertarian.

But anyway, aside from all that, I don’t think any of us think Reid or Obama is an embodiment of the perfect leftist politician any more than Hitler is an embodiment of a perfect politician, regardless of his political stance. That’s the point. That comparing Reagan to Reid is silly.


Well I would simply say that chart is inaccurate. And communism is an elimination of government? REALLY??? North Korea is a small government?


I didn’t say communism was the removal of government, I said:

removing power from a central authority and spreading it amongst the people

which if the government is made up of the people, means a strong government.


That is Communism on Paper. By that logic unicorns exist because it says so on paper. Communism is centralizing EVERYTHING. Giving EVERYTHING to the Central Authority. This method creates an Oligarchy of power around a select elite guided by an Alpha Dictator of some sort.


I took the video as saying “look at the near ideal right wing ideals vs the liberal agenda being pushed today”. If we picked only speakers from today both sides wouldve been poorly represented.


There’s theory, and then there’s practice.


The ideal right-wing politician is a theory as well. These are all political theories we’re talking about.


The Soviet Union, the Communist Satellite States, North Korea, Cuba, Cambodia, and Vietnam were not political theories. They did happen. And what happen there was some of the most horrendous human rights violations in Human history because each thought the same thing: the state trumps the individual. Same thing with Nazi Germany.



Learn some history and some politics…!

Hitler and the Nazis were left-wingers…!??

Perhaps you can explain then, why the first people that were shipped off to the concentration camps were the communists, socialists and atheists that the Nazis rounded up…!?

Perhaps you can explain why it was that the first targets for Hitler’s Brown Shirts during the early 30’s were the trade unionists and socialists in German society…!?

Perhaps you can explain why the Nazis enjoyed such a close relationship with many of the world’s leading industrialists during their rise to power. - who do you think produced most of the heavy vehicles which were part of their re-armament…?

Destruction of religions…?? Again, check your history… He and Mussolini installed Catholicism as the state religion and signed pacts with the Church. Oh, and I guess the ‘Gott mit uns’ logo that every German soldier wore on his belt buckle was part of that “destruction” too…??

Good grief…