Lefties so excited

They think The President is going to be impeached.

This, after they lost Senate seats in the midterms (which are usually won in both houses by the opposition party with a new President).

This move to impeach the president now is even dumber than when the Republicans tried it in the late 1990s. Clinton’s dalliances with an intern and his lies were not enough to remove him from office in my opinion. Furthermore it would have made Gore’s claim to win the White House stronger… In the end it only served to make Clinton politically stronger. Let’s hope that happens again for Trump.

The main basis for the Democrat impeachment moves now is that Trump won the 2016 election in the Electoral College, and the ultra Democrats are angry about it. If that’s all they have, it should blow up their faces.

Sorry, Send, but you’ve apparently bought into the left’s meme about the Clinton impeachment. He was NOT impeached for a “dalliance” with an intern…or even lying about it much. He was impeached because he committed perjury UNDER OATH in a federal trial while a sitting President, suborning perjury in others in the same case and tampering with evidence in the same case. EACH offense worthy of up to 8 YEARS in the federal pen! In point of fact, there was, AT THAT TIME, a female former federal employee doing time in the federal pen for those EXACT three offenses.

Look at this way. If Clinton had been convicted that would have made Gore President. That, in turn, would have left him in a better position to have won the 2000 election. There was no upside for the Republicans on that one, just as there is no upside for the Democrats on this bit of impeachment folly.

This impeachment thing is looking more and more like another trap set by democrats. They may never go to jail…that’s fine…but we have to make sure they never get into power again.

Do your part. Educate your kids and whoever you can get to listen to you. And Vote. Elections still matter. Don’t let another democrat schmooze their way to power positions.

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