Leftist Bank Behind Bused In 'Attendees' At Dem Debates

Union owned … Amalgamated Bank!

Appears to be a connection to Soros.

Also funded Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.

Millie Weaver and crew capture footage of buses bringing in ‘staged’ protesters, marchers, and sign wavers to the 4th Democrat Primary Presidential Debate held in Ohio.


Let them waste their money on these boring socialist political orgies. Nancy Pelosi has run her mouth about “Astro Turf” for years when she refers to Trump’s supporters. Perhaps the artificial grass is in her own backyard.

Now compare that to Trump Rallies. He always rents the biggest venue available and frequently breaks the record for the number of people at an event inside. And there are thousands more outside. And there’s no rock band to draw them! And I don’t think there are any buses.

I’m often among the tens of thousands watching live on YouTube. There’re typically carried on three YouTube channels.

Are there any Democrat events carried live on YouTube? I’m only aware of the occasional coverage by Fox 10 Phoenix (which usually also carries the Trump rallies).


I try to stay away from absolute statements in matters like this. I am sure that there is lots of green socialist grass in New York and California. That grass nourishes politicians like Nancy, AOC, Adam Schiff, Kalama Harris and that Swalwell guy to name a few. I have often thought that these people take a puff of grass before they speak in public … or perhaps it’s a mushroom.

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