Legal Question RE: "Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor."


When is a 20 yr. old a minor?
Seriously. This is confusing to me, and why I don’t care for different legal ages for different things.
Here’s the story:

A 22-year-old Mountain Home man was cited for several traffic infractions following a one-vehicle wreck early Saturday morning near the entrance to Henderson Marina on Highway 62 east of Mountain Home, according to authorities.
**The Arkansas State Police reports that Christopher Kennedy, 22, of Mountain Home was driving east on Highway 62 had just entered the city limits of Henderson when the vehicle crossed the centerline near the Henderson Marina.**The report said the vehicle left the north side of the roadway and traveled down an embankment and struck a large tree with its front bumper.
The report by State Police Trooper Paul B. Fry said the wreck occurred between 3 - 6 a.m. He cited Kennedy for DWI No. 1, careless driving, driving left of center, no seatbelt, no insurance and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
The report said Samantha Henson, 20, was a passenger in the vehicle. It also said the injured were transported to Baxter Regional Medical Center.

Granted, the legal age for alcohol consumption in AR is 21. However, most people are considered adults at age 18. (In AR, you can sign a legal contract at 18.) Samantha, the passenger, is 20.
Is she a minor?
Note: The article doesn’t state if she consumed any alcohol or not.
2) IF she is indeed a minor, then why did a paper that has a policy to never print the names of minors print hers?


It may be that the wording of the law is funky in regard to alcohol consumption.


No, the wording is quite clear. It is illegal in AR for anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. Period.
It is NOT, however, illegal to BE with someone who is consuming. No matter your age. It was also NOT illegal for her to be out at that hour because she is over the age of 17. (Yes, I do believe that county has a curfew for minors - that would be UNDER the age of 18.)
So…is she a minor, or isn’t she?


I meant I was wondering if there was something funky about the legal use of “minor” in the context of alcohol. It would be pretty strange, but I think stranger things have happened when lawyers get involved…

Did the story say anything about the guy providing alcohol to the girl?


No. But then expecting that paper to include more than 2 of the 5 “W’s” is asking much.
Oh well. I was mostly just curious. Maybe you’re right about the legal jargon thingie.