Lester Holt


Trump called the upcoming debate moderator Lester Holt a Democrat. The news world is retorting that Lester Holt is registered as a Republican since 2003.

Presidential Debates: Donald Trump Is Wrong on Lester Holt

Unless I hear Mr. Holt voted for Bush, Romney, McCain or even anybody that ran for a NY Senate seat with an ® then I don’t buy it.

Not that I think it matters anyway, Trump isn’t going in with an expectation of a level playing field, I’m optimistic he can handle it.


Im not as optimistic he can handle it without his teleprompter. She cancelled another fund raiser yesterday and only has one scheduled between now and the debates and that is today. Wonder if she will even make it to the debates.


Trump had better hope so. If by some odd occurrence, Clinton was too unhealthy to continue and stepped down, Trump would suddenly find himself squaring off against Tim Kaine. Kaine would basically become “Generic Democrat” with weeks to go before the election. “Generic Democratic” is going to run a lot stronger than Clinton.


Maybe. But Kaine has all the excitement of Dukakis or Kerry. Bernie wouldn’t have that problem, that’d be who would concern me.