Let all of Us Vote for Johnson


Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson said on Sunday that the human race will need to colonize other worlds in order to survive.

“This Week” host George Stephanopoulos asked the former New Mexico governor about something he said in 2011, when he seemed to dismiss the growing threat of climate change.

“In billions of years, the sun is going to actually grow and encompass the Earth, right? So global warming is in our future,” Johnson, who opposes environmental regulation, said at the time.

Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson: Only Way To Save Mankind From Global Warming Is To “Inhabit Other Planets”… | Weasel Zippers

Sounds like a plan to me. :banghead:


Well in that respect he is right.


Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson said on Sunday that the human race will need to colonize other worlds in order to survive.
Just in case they are planning on colonization soon, I vote for Hillary as the first to go. (wink)


Yes, the sun will supernova some day and incinerate the earth. That is a fact. The fact is that eventuality is so far off in the future that we don’t need to worry about a strategic plan for it just yet.

As for Johnson I saw him in an interview over the weekend where he stuck his tongue between his teeth and talked jibberish. Someone posted a few weeks ago that Johnson had brain damage from smoking too much pot. Perhaps that performance lends credence to that statement.


That’s an excellent suggestion. Hillary is so full gas and hot air that she could give Mars a new atmosphere. :devil:


It’s debatable whether or not we’ll ever be able to handle the radiation in space. Perhaps we can…someday. But we’ll need to harness a level of power we’ve never achieved. And that’s probably not coming in my lifetime. Mars or moon colonies haven’t been seriously considered by scientists for years. There’s just no way to shield from the radiation.

Keep in mind, the Apollo missions only lasted a couple of days. There’s a big difference between that, and being exposed to that kind of radiation for your entire life(including during fetal formation).


MORE nonsense? The Apollo missions lasted considerably longer than “a couple of days,” BTW.


I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of me being awesome


This presumes that man is capable of saving himself.


I couldn’t support Johnson if it was Hillary vs Olimpia Snowe…

I’d write in someone…


Let all of Us Vote for Johnson
The sad thing is that in most states a vote for anyone but a Republican or a Democrat is a wasted vote. It would be nice if we had a REAL CHOICE for a 3rd or even 4th party but we really don’t. By voting 3rd party mostly we are throwing our vote away (I think, some would disagree) because they won’t win. And I believe that in this day & time our votes are too important to just throw away.
Take me for instance. I’m medium liberal on social issues. A lot of the stance of the right, I don’t agree with. But when it comes to most things that involve money, I’m probably even more right than the right is. Give me a party with those values & I’m in. I’ll give an example that most people probably will be offended by:
Your on welfare & get pregnant. If you want an abortion, I feel that’s your choice because it’s your body. On the other hand I don’t feel that the government should pay for it or should even give you extra or longer welfare. You made a choice & you need to deal with it.


First, wouldn’t a vote for Mr Johnson be predicated on the assumption he is the best person for the job? I cannot say that I can agree that he is at this point, even in a group of weak candidates based on what I have heard from him, and I consider myself at least mildly Libertarian in my core.

Forget the protest vote. If this were the case write in Rand Paul if you fancy yourself a Libertarian or whatever candidate failed to win that would make most coincide with your personal view. It would have the same impact without rewarding a weak candidate like Johnson, which is unfortunately how I personally view him and his running mate.

Be clear though, make no mistake, be forewarned (ad naseum): a vote for anyone but Trump or Clinton is a vote for the candidate of the two you least want to win. That’s how it goes with these splits. In an election of the undesirables, this is what it comes down to. :cry:


As have told people, it don’t matter who you vote for this election. Trump, Hillary, Johnson or your neighbour down the street. We are screwed one way or another.

One thing I do joke about though is how America elected its first Black president and everyone was talking about how historic it was and was going to change things in future elections and then 8 years later they are back to voting for white people again. I think it will be the same thing with a first woman president. The left sure love Tokenism.


Uh, no.

I mean the premise alone would suggest that voting for someone, is then voting for them twice.


A vote for someone other than Trump or Hillary is a vote for someone other than Trump or Hillary. The results don’t dictate what my vote is.


Well, the fire part doesn’t happen until the end of time, and then it ends well because Christ comes to set up His kingdom, so we’re not in any real trouble.