Let’s talk trickle-down tax reform _ Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump


According to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump’s TAX REFORM PLAN is “trickle-down economics on Super-Size Steroids’. CLICK HERE to hear Hillary Clinton’s own words in which she criticizes Trump’s tax reform plan.

She goes on to say “it is a billionaires plan for other billionaires. But the truth is, Trump’s plan is designed to reduce confiscatory taxes levied on America’s businesses which have not only helped to stagnate and bankrupt many of them and close their doors __forcing their employees to go on government assistance __but these outrages taxes and the Obama / Hillary Clinton Administration’s insane regulations have forced many other businesses to move to other countries with lower taxes and tolerable regulations.

The irrefutable fact is, “trickledown economics” works! When a businessman can afford to hire new employees because taxes are lowered and regulations are not overbearing, the increase in production earns new profits which trickles down to the newly hired employees.


And what does Hillary Clinton promise as tax reform for the middle class? CLICK HERE to find out!


It doesn’t work for the Elites.

A prosperous citizenry doesn’t need a demagogue who promises to plunder “them” because he’s “on your side.” There just is no room for that nonsense when everyone is free, doing well, satisfied with their lot and know how to improve it.

So, this old bat, who studied at the knee of Saul Alinsky…has to fan the flames of envy and covetousness to get the power to create MORE stress, to further empower HER and HER ilk.

The thing that surprises me is that, as she’s obviously dying and not right in the head…she hasn’t let go her dreams of power. When a person gets old and feeble, his or her world contracts - to family, friends, comfort, assurances that the person has done what he can and his affairs are in order.

She’s got one step in the grave, another on marbles…and she’s trying to play Class Warrior. How pathetic.

If there’s a Hell she’ll be burning there.


Anyone have ANY idea what her plan is >>>>>>NOTHING but more and worse of the same we have had for 8 years!