Let Them Eat Ice Cream

New Trump campaign ad.


This is well deserved. I just hope it sticks.

While Trump is busting his butt trying to deal with the crisis, Nancy Pelosi is back in San Francisco showing us her $10,000 freezer which is full of gourmet ice cream.

While small businesses are struggling to keep their end of bargain and pay their employees, after the government funds have dried up, Nancy Pelosi is showing us her basket full of Easter Candy with a big grin on her ugly face full of Botox.

People need to realize when you vote for ANY DEMOCRAT for Congress, you are voting for Nancy Pelosi. She won’t be leaving Congress until she dies. The only thing that can pull out one of her vampire fangs is to vote out her majority in Congress.

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Oh and $13.00 a pint ice cream!

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Thank you for the correction. :wink:

I underestimated her. She probably bought it with money she got after she was caught red handed engaged in insider trading. Anyone else would have been kicked out of Congress, but not her. All Democrats have an “get out of jail free” card if they kiss the leadership’s butts.

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