Let us explore the irony of 'The Patient's Rights Repeal Act'


Desperate Dems attempt to rebrand the Obamacare repeal effort

House Republicans politely declined to remove the word “killing” from the “Repealing the Job Killing Health Health Care Law Act,” so Democrats decided to come up with a phrase of their own. “The Patient’s Rights Repeal Act” is what they settled on. Incidentally, the GOP’s name is pretty accurate: In June, the Boston Globe reported that “a 2.3 percent excise tax on companies that supply medical devices like heart defibrillators and surgical tools to hospitals, health centers and ambulance services will cost medical device manufacturers an estimated $20 billion in new taxes over the next decade. And they say that will force them to lay off workers and curb the research and development of new medical tools.” A report released by Senators Coburn and Barasso in October found that the outlook was equally bad in other industries. Meanwhile, “patient’s rights” is pure hogwash–as any depressed owner of a now useless health savings account will tell you.
The Plum Line - Dems settle on branding for GOP repeal effort: “The Patient’s Rights Repeal Act”


Meanwhile, “patient’s rights” is pure hogwash–as any depressed **owner of a now useless health savings account **will tell you.

The whole HC law is depressing so I stopped looking at the details. Are all health savings accounts now totally outlawed as of 2011 ???



I forget how, but the health care reform really made the entire purpose of HSA’s impotent. First thing they do is in 2013 your contributions are limitted to $2500. Beginning 2011 you can no longer use it for over-the-counter drugs.

And you have to have a high deductible insurance plan to be able to make contributions to an HSA. But I thought the reform was supposed to outlaw deductibles?

How the health care reform will affect flexible-spending accounts | NJ.com


Pretty much. The government is taking away our HSA’s.