Lets Be Honest

My name is EFLopez I’m a 25 year old from California and I host a channel on youtube called Lets Be Honest. I talk about politics, news and anything others are too afraid to teach on the internet. Soon I will also be profiling American heroes,scholars and artists and their political and ideological views that not allot of people might know. I’m not here to just self promote I am here to read what everyone has to say and to get input in my research I hope to get to greet all of you and lets have a great 2016 presidential election.

  1. What state do you vote in?
  2. Are you, or were you ever a member of the armed forces?
    Marines but it didnt work out do to health(just basic training)
  3. Does your username have any meaning?
    Yes its name of a youtube show I host
  4. What are 3 or more of your favorite books (not necessarily in order)?
    Art of the deal-Donald trump
    Atlas shrugged-Ayn Rand
    killing Patton-O’Reilly
  5. What is the most important topic for you in the next election?
  6. How long have you been lurking around the forums before signing up?
    A few weeks I needed to know what i was getting myself into

And our younger members would like to know:
7) What is your favorite music?
Rock, electro,classical. NO RAP
8) What galaxy are you from? (it’s not good enough we know the state of mind you’re in.)
9) What are your favorite video games?
COD,GTA and old school games like Mario Kart 64 and Banjo Kazooie

Welcome. Join the discussions here and you may be enlightened.

Thanks for the tips and yes i am always interested in others opinion, I learn allot from it.

Hi there. B)

EDIT: ah, nm then.


We look forward to your comments, serious and less so!

AS, RO asks people with blogs ‘n’ such not to self-promote - include links to their sites in their posts or sigs - until they’ve been around and contributed to RO for a while. It’s pretty common etiquette. Whether LBH specifically saw Rule 7 in RO’s Guide to Surviving RO, or knew this common point of etiquette, I don’t know.

Welcome to RO!

I will be streaming the Nevada caucus on my channel if you want to take a look starting at 2PM PT. This is just a suggestion I am NOT trying to promote, Thanks.