Let's go Brandon

I LOVE how the lamestream, PC, liberal media are literally living in an alternate dimension.

The crowd is chanting an obvious “f-k joe biden” in the bleachers. The reporter says they are saying let’s go brandon.

I don’t know what to say. Apply this situation to everything, and there you have reality.


I already ordered a lets go brandon t shirt and yes you can already buy them :laughing:

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If only the rest of the country would extend this dislike for Biden to the Democrats who supporting his policies and vote them out of office!

But I am afraid that it won’t happen.

They will either vote for their local Democrat candidates for the House and Senate, or the Democrats will have rigged all of the elections so that you can’t vote them out.


whatever they did last time, the will do it from now on. Be prepared for insanity

Have more likeable candidates and actually have policies instead of virtue signalling? Those cheating bastards.

What policies are those? Having open borders? Spending trillions of dollars we don’t have? Teaching white kids they are evil in school? Forcing everyone to get an experimental shot? Please enlighten me in case I missed some. Race baiting? Trying to simultaneously get rid of guns and police? Despising their own country? Saying that mental disorders are totally normal and then forcing everyone to pretend that they are normal so that hopefully they become normal?

Their world is dark, dangerous and violent. They scream about the very things their policies created. Things like racism, victimization, oppression, injustice and discrimination–as if yelling about them somehow deflects blame.

They can’t help themselves, something Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. described in his book, “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.”

Rossiter says a leftist’s mind sees the world through the prism of “pity, sorrow, neediness, misfortune, poverty, suspicion, mistrust, anger, exploitation, discrimination, victimization, alienation and injustice.”

Thank you for proving my point. Slogans and rhetorical hyperbole are all Republicans have left, apparently. Although any day now Trump will release his plan to counter Obamacare, so maybe I’m being a tad hasty.

Why do lefties communicate like this? You speak in vague terms giving no specifics, like you’re just too cool to divulge your super amazing information to the rest of us peasants. “rhetorical hyperbole” OH SNAP I just got pwned. And please, master Yoda, explain how Trump has anything to do with this thread?

I could be wrong, but I don’t think Trump and the proud boys called up the nascar promoters and organized and orchestrated this specifically for NBC for the purpose of… white supremacy I guess? Or male chauvinism? Guns? I don’t know

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The leftists speak in vague terms because their ideas are so unpalatable to so many people they know that they would lose support. Their plans are really quite simple. The people who work and achieve something have what they earn taken from them to give to the losers.

Most people, who are doing well, support helping the people whose lives are bad because of sickness, mental or physical challenges or personal tragedies, like natural disasters. They get tired of people who put in no effort and expect to live off the efforts of others.

Leftists survive politically by telling their constituents that they are victims of discrimination. They expand on that narrative by telling them that their problems are “systematic.” The only “solution” is collectivism and forced behavior where the police power of the state is used to control the “reactionary elements.”

The trouble is working for a living is hard. If you take away the incentives for doing it, goods and services don’t get produced, and the economy breaks down. Add to that ruination of the monetary system, which comes from too much debt and the unrestricted issuance of money, and you end up with economic basket cases like Cuba and Venezuela.

The leftists will never tell us about the results of their policies which have occurred repeatedly. Some them, like AOC, are too ignorant to know about the results of their policies. They only put out the BS while their leadership gets super wealthy at the expense of everyone else. North Korea is the obvious example.


Then discredit his points, if you can.


While they could be covering it up, I think this is likely a case of the Mcgurk effect: your eyes have influence on what you hear.

This song just says “bill” over and over, but if you follow the images you’ll start to swear you’re hearing the voice say something else.

Fair point and it appears as though I am wandering into the weeds so I’ll elaborate.

Firstly, I want to clarify there is a difference between policy and slogans. Republicans are phenomenal with slogans, they are terrible with policy. Policies, in my opinion of course, are specific measurable and time constrained. 200 million vaccinations within 100 days is a policy. All troops out of Afghanistan by September is a policy… $3 billion allocated for the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health with guidelines is a policy. I suspect you disagree with the examples I have given as being good policies (and that’s fine) but they are policies. Compare that to the previous Administration. Build the Wall, Lock her Up. Antifa is Bad. Everything in the Trump Administration was vague, generally summed up in a sentence and never given a timetable. Seriously, how many times did Trump say something was going to happen “very soon” during his presidency? There is the difference between policy and slogans.

So let’s look at what you said are policies of the Democrats. As it turns out, not a single Democrat is campaigning for any of the things you accused them of doing. Your laundry list is nothing more than a bunch of right wing talking points that already work amongst the converted but have very little substance. Slogans, in other words. So that is why I said you were proving my point when you were confusing slogans with policy. The Biden Administration has policies (whether they are good or bad is another matter), the Trump Administration had slogans and a red hat.

Which brings as all the way back to what I was responding to from your initial post. This tired BS that the election was stolen. It wasn’t. Joe Biden is a tired old man who stumbles over his speech and always comes off looking confused. He is also infinitely more popular than Trump. Those two statements are not contradictory. The Biden Administration actually has goals and a plan. Trump stumbled from scandal to scandal punctuated with daily does of whataboutisms and incoherent rants on Twitter. That’s why he lost. He is the perpetual 5 year old who claims everybody who beat him cheated. He said that crap in 2016 and it turned out to be BS. His own hand-picked commission could find no proof. His own hand picked Attorney General said he lost the 2020 fair and square. This most partisan incompetent cyber security company couldn’t find any proof. It turns out that even Trump’s personal lawyers knew privately that Trump lost in a fair election.

But that’s not going to stop you from implying the election was rigged will it? Because it’s not about election integrity. It’s not about democracy. It’s about flinging excrement against the wall and seeing what sticks. And the important thing to do is keep repeating The Big Lie. Because that way Republicans will always have an advantage as every close election will always be called into question as fraud. That is a huge thumb on the scale, and I suspect you know that. You’re not a fool. But it is not a viable political tactic - it’s the mother of all monkey’s paw.

So that’s why I pointed out what I pointed out. You implied that there was fraud in the previous election (appropriately vague) and I pointed out the more logical reason: Trump was and is largely unpopular and Biden promised to act like an adult once in Government. There was no fraud and I think it is important to call out The Big Lie every time it is raised. Otherwise US elections will become as fake as Azerbaijan

And that is bad for everybody. Hope that clears things up.

I don’t know what “lock her up” refers to, but I agree with the other two.

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“Lock her up” refers to Hillary Clinton who in @Patooka‘s opinion is one of the great states women of our time. We really missed an opportunity when she lost in 2016. She could have collected even more for selling government influence than the Biden crime family. And she and Bill certainly would have never needed to become artists and sell their “masterpieces” to undisclosed buyers.

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If you said “Trump” instead of “Republicans”, you may have had a point.

Since you went partisan, I can say the same of Democrats, from “Tax the rich”, to “the 1%”, to “Green New Deal”, etc.

They push out slogans that advocate bad, corrosive policy.

And considering the nature of our discourse in the current moment, with both sides doing forms of kayfabe, I wouldn’t expect it any other way.

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I believe I’ve said this before? Not sure.

I think the USA is honestly ignorant enough now, like the general populace has been so astronomically dumbed down, things have really gotten that bad - that Joe probably actually did get elected.

As for rigged? Yes, by the media, who together pulled out every stop possible to insure that as many Americans as they could despised trump by election time. And of course, to this day, nobody really knows why they hated the man so much other than accusations that he is racist and he tweets mean things.

My buddy attempted to drag me to a Trump rally last year. There were so many people we couldn’t even get close; cheers to my friend for not purchasing tickets way in advance. :expressionless:This was in Nevada, a democrat hell-hole filled with crazy people with rainbow color hair. Compare this with Biden’s like 2 rallies with at most 9 people in attendance each. It just doesn’t seem plausible that - nevermind I’m done.

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The only thing that keeps Biden from becoming even more unattractive is that fact the fool in the Vice President’s chair is just as bad or worse. The country is going to hell, and she’s putting out a video about going to the stars with a bunch of children who have more brains and mental stability than she does.

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The media hated Trump because he prevented Hillary from getting elected and delayed the communist take-over by four years.

Definitely not a video about going to the border

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