Let's go Brandon

Yep, a bunch of Washington “heavyweights” went to Mexico to discuss border issues, and Harris, whom Biden appointed to manage his border policy, didn’t go or wasn’t even invited. They probably left her out because she would have burst out laughing in the middle of the meeting.

Harris has a head that is full inert gas. When she went clothes shopping with a news report during the primaries, that probably taxed her to the extent of her mental abilities.

Viewing that Harris Does NASA soliloquy, I wanted to jump on the wayback machine and join the Mickey Mouse Club and wiggle my ears!



Actually, I think you could also include the fact that his puppeteers don’t allow him to talk to the press.

Bad News: Country going to HELL in a handbasket.

Good News: Handbaskets are unavailable due to supply chain nightmare


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Lets Go Brandon