Lets Slay Some Dragons Right Now ...


… or another possible title:

Webby World Is The Ideal Place For Utopian Dreams.
by Jack Hectorman

There is something about Webby World that strongly attracts the Idealists, and those who love to argue for Hopeless Causes, and those who love to argue for positions held by the Lunatic Fringe.

I have often wondered why this is true? I have come to believe that its because Webby World is a highly abstract Dream World where any man with a vivid imagination can build huge abstract sand castles at the edge of the foaming surf and then proceed to keep the tide at bay with an act of his will.

He simply writes into his scripts (aka his posts) the following: “I issue a decree that the tide will never come in and wash away my huge beautiful abstract sand castles.”

And all that up there works just peachy fine here in Webby World because nobody ever has to actually win elections, or actually govern, or actually make any hard decisions, and they never have to face any real people eyeball-to-eyeball, and they never have to face any economic realities here in Webby World (aka Dream Land) unless they own the posting board and have to actually pay the bills, LOL.

Posts made here in Dream Land can be a lot like a man who is writing a novel, he can create his own reality inside his novel as he goes along and have his characters be supermen who either build or destroy whole worlds without ever leaving his comfortable home and his keyboard, and he can slay huge dragons as an aside, with his fingers tapping on those keys, between sips of hot coffee.

All men here inside Webby World never have to face Real World :smile:
"… unless they own the Forum and have to actually pay the bills, LOL…" :freaked: