Letter To Sheriff Duptnik In AZ


The following is a letter I just sent snail mail to the hack sheriff that is using the Giffords shooting as a propaganda platform.

The mailing address is on the top if anyone is motivated to do the same.

Pima County Sheriff's Department

1750 E. Benson Highway
Tucson, AZ 85714-1758

To Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik

   I was very disappointed at your use of the horrible tragedy that unfolded by an extremist left wing murderer on Jan 8th as an opportunity to condemn those who are Conservative in their political philosophy and who respect the U.S. Constitution.

   I expect Politicians to attempt to further their partisan agenda by using tragedies like this as an excuse to condemn those who hold opposing views. I also know that very few actions can diminish the confidence of citizens in their law enforcement officials more than finding out that they too are more concerned with partisan opportunism than justice and protecting the public.

   Your comments were not only false but misleading. Your attempt to connect this murderer to those who host or listen to talk radio and/or are sympathetic to the Tea Party movement was bad enough by itself, but your comments also attempted to divert attention from the real ideology of this murderous monster that is still a genuine threat to the citizens you are sworn to protect.

   If you have become so bitter and jaded that you can no longer present yourself in a manner that is respectful to the concept of Truth and the Rule Of Law or the citizens who trust you to do the job of enforcing the law then you should resign your position and run for office. 

   Citizens already expect the worst from political candidates.

There is simply no reason for you to drag law enforcement into this same sewer when you can simply resign and declare your candidacy for some office where your erroneous claims and distortions are expected.

   Whatever points you think you scored with your disrespectful, offensive and false rhetoric will be far outweighed by the hardening of opposition in the hearts of those innocent people that you implicated in this tragedy. Irresponsible people in positions of public leadership are what motivate the public to never trust anything that emanates from you or your partisan brethren.

   You are a very disappointing example of a Law Enforcement Officer; you have disgraced the entire honorable vocation with your petty agenda of partisan hatred and resentment.

   Representative Giffords, the other victims of this heinous crime and all the citizens of Pima  County as well as the whole United   States of America deserve and expect much better.

Shame on you Sheriff Dupnik.


Since I also think Sheriff Dupnik, is a scumbag, I agree with your letter 100%


apparently, the guy has run for office as a democrat before. he lost. he is trying to resurrect his career on this high profile shooting. Blaming talk radio for this crazy kid is just playing to his liberal base. He should be fired for not dealing in facts.


If you fire every liberal politician that doesn’t “deal with the facts”, we would have a one party system.


On FOXNews this, a.m., Kelly, (I can never remember her last name), was interviewing a nitwit who kept repeating that the shooter was anti-government, just the like the Tea Party is.
Kelly informed her that she interviewed Sherrif Dupnik who conceded that his conjecture about the shooter was exactly that; conjeture. Hey, at least he admitted it. But it stop the woman’s stupidity? As the old saying goes, you can’t fix stupid.


I think you mean Megyn Kelly?


I get lost in her eyes.


The shooter was anti-government; have you seen his YouTube channel?


He was “anti American”, a flag burning Communist that thought Hitler had it right.

The Tea Party is Pro America and Pro Constitution. Twisting the desire for a Constitutional Republic into an accusation of “anti government” is a blatant lie.

There is absolutely no similarity between this shooter and any Strict Constructionist. The attempt to twist the Tea Party into an anti government group is clearly a desperate attempt to steer attention away from who this idiot really aligns with.

The Demoncrat Party.


I didn’t say he was a Tea Partier. O_O’ He seems to be a liberal anarchist from what I can tell. Maybe he wants Communism after anarchy, but I haven’t seen any evidence for that except his favorite books, and…well…I’d be pretty surprised if he actually read and comprehended any of those; he frankly doesn’t seem sane enough to me. I mean, the guy can’t seem to write a coherent sentence, if his YouTube videos are any indication.

I can see how someone who doesn’t know much about the Tea Party movement could assume he was part of it, though.


That is the whole problem. The “experts” are clueless on how a true grassroots movement can pop up with no one person leading it. Those that do know how it can happen are running scared and spreading false information to keep any new “recruits” from thinking about joining. Information is their enemy and one of the best things about the Tea Parties is that they share info freely instead of using it for their own political gain, another concept that they can’t understand.


Exactly, and the people trying to link this Communist thug to the Tea Party are politicians and media reporters.

It is ridiculous to think that they “are not familiar with the Tea Party”.
They are liars. plain and simple.


A Martian perhaps ?



Or a liberal, since their minds are as far out as Mars.


Even though there’s no evidence that he was a member of the Tea Party. And doesn’t the burden of proof lie on the accuser?


For everyone except the Liberals who never can find enough facts to support their evil accusations. There is never a shortage of apologist’s for them that try to make their blatantly false accusations seem like “innocent mistakes”.



No, someone who sees political philosophy as on one continuum from more government intervention to less. Even a liberal, transient anarchist would be much closer to the Tea Party than to the Democrats on such a scale.


raises eyebrows They should’ve known better, to be sure. It’s their responsibility to check out the facts of the matter before blurting out stupid accusations, but as my dad is fond of saying, “Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.”


or “don’t be a duptnik”


But it might be the other way around, too - it might be malice when it really appears to be stupidity. And I think there is more malice around these days than stupidity, sad to say.