Letters Testing Positive For Ricin Intercepted/Intended For Trump


FOX NEWS just announced who the three letters intercepted this morning at the Pentagon mail sorting facility were sent to. Per FOX, the letters laced with the deadly nerve agent, ricin, were intended for Defense Secretary,General Mattas, Sec of Naval Operations, John Richardson and President Donald Trump.

Fortunately, the letters were contained within the Pentagon facility. It appears no one was affected.

This would appear to be nothing less than an attempt to decapitate this country’s administration.


I’d love to find out who is responsible. It’s either a crazy Muslin terrorist or a crazy Democrat. Either way it doesn’t speak well of the Democrat positions on immigration and terrorism.


I only heard about the one to the SecDef and the admiral. I also understand that it was, at best, a hamhanded attack, because it takes a LOT more ricin than the letters contained to be deadly.


How mixed up is our world now when I thought of liberal nutcases before I thought of terrorists?:unamused:


I’ve since heard about the one to Trump, and that they’ve made an arrest.