Lettuce is ‘three times worse than bacon' for emissions and vegetarian diets could be


Eating a healthier diet rich in fruit and vegetables could actually be more harmful to the environment than consuming some meat, a US study has claimed.
Lettuce is “over three times worse in greenhouse gas emissions than eatingbacon”, according to researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University who analysed the impact per calorie of different foods in terms of energy cost, water use and emissions.
Publishedin the Environment Systems and Decisions journal, the study goes against the grain of recent calls for humans to quit eating meat to curb climate change.

Lettuce is

So now we can not eat meat or vegs because it harms the environment. I guess we all need to die.


Not too hard to fathom since lettuce is about 89% water.


If climate change were man made the best thing for it would be to kill off the human race since if we were killing the earth we are truly not worth of its stewardship. Even if climate change is man made nature will persevere. Nature will destroy us long before we destroy it.


Considering that I put some lettuce on my hamburger last night, am I good to go? Or, dead meat?


You or the hamburger???

If you ask the AGW crowd, they’d say you were “irresponsible” to eat lettuce…or probably to “eat” at all.



If you ask the AGW crowd, they’d say you were “irresponsible” to eat lettuce…or probably to “eat” at all.

I prefer to work on raising their blood pressure as much as possible.


I guess it’s a good thing I prefer spinach to lettuce for salads.


There are those who actually believe that. I remember reading about a guy who had himself sterilized, and recommended sterilization for every human being on the planet, so that we would eventually become extinct - in one generation, no less!