LGBT Amendment defeated


The floor of the U.S. House of Representatives descended into brief chaos Thursday morning following the defeat of an amendment on religious freedom.
Republicans switched their votes from yea to nay after the clock ran out on time to vote, and it’s unclear why the votes were allowed to switch. If the amendment had been declared approved or defeated right after the clock ran out, it would’ve been approved by a vote of 217-206.
The amendment, proposed by Rep. Sean Maloney (D-NY), would have prohibited the use of federal funds to enforce a provision that was part of the Defense Authorization Act, passed by the House Wednesday night.
The provision overturned an executive order by President Barack Obama, saying religious institutions that receive federal contracts and grants cannot be discriminated against on the basis of religion. Conservatives believed the provision would protect religious liberty, but Maloney and other Democrats said it was against the LGBT community, because religious institutions would be able to fire employees based on their sexual orientation or gender identity while receiving government funds.

House Democrats chant

The whole issue of gender identity is a sham which is being pushed by a small minority that wants to strip all decency away from society.

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The DemoLeft wants a revolution.

I say it’s about time to stop fighting it and give them one.

COMPLETE with exile or extermination of the losers. Let us see how that one-tenth of a percent holds up against American patriots, enraged.