LGBT Rights Groups Win as US Judge Blocks Religious Rights


Folks just in case you have not noticed the Freedom of Religion is all but gone in the US, taking the 1st Amendment with it…we only have one amendment left that stands between us and socialist tryanncial dictatorship…the 2nd Amendment!

LGBT Rights Groups Win as US Judge Blocks Mississippi Law
Supporters of the LGBT rights movement won the latest round against conservatives when a federal judge ruled that a Mississippi “religious objections” law is unconstitutional, just moments before it was to take effect Friday.
The decision could influence federal judges considering challenges to other state laws and will be held up by gay-rights advocates as another reason for legislatures to back off considering similar bills.
Mississippi Republican Gov. Phil Bryant vowed to appeal.
The law sought to protect three beliefs: That marriage is only between a man and a woman; that sex should only take place in such a marriage; and that a person’s gender is determined at birth and cannot be altered.
It would allow clerks to cite religious objections to recuse themselves from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and would protect merchants who refuse services to lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people. It could affect adoptions and foster care, business practices and school bathroom policies.
U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves found that it unconstitutionally establishes preferred beliefs and creates unequal treatment for gay people.
It is “the state’s attempt to put LGBT citizens back in their place” in response to last summer’s Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage nationwide.
“In physics, every action has its equal and opposite reaction,” wrote Reeves, who was nominated to the bench by President Barack Obama in 2010. "In politics, every action has its predictable overreaction."
The governor said it "simply provides religious accommodations granted by many other states and federal law."
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The bottom line is THIS: LGBTQ rights TRUMP those that are in our Bill of Rights. The Govt is giving rights over and above to select minority groups for the sole purpose of trading for votes. Our own govt is negating the US Constitution, this judge should be removed from the bench immediately if not sooner.