Liberal Hollywood:


Why is it that the industry that bring in some of the highest earning salaries and box office earnings are populated by liberals and liberal philosophies?

Hollywood’s Total Earning for box office for 2011 is expected to be nearly $10 Million. Top movies make nearly $500 Million. Even the bad films can rake in a couple million dollars. This is also not factoring in DVD sales. (Which are falling rapidly)

Music stars like Justin Beiber and Lil Wayne (I hope that’s spelled right), Lady Gaga are worth $100’s of Millions this year alone!

Same thing goes for movie stars. You know em.

So how do the champions of capitalism fail to take over a market as lucrative as this? Or maybe it’s not so lucrative?

These are the success stories of hollywood and for every success story there are literally 100s of failures maybe even thousands. Does Hollywood have an incentive for Conservatives because of the risks? Or not? Does hollywood have an incentive for liberals because of its “feel-good” beginnings and get-rich quick dreams? Is it just too ideal for conservatives and they know it’s too big of a risk to get into film and production and movies?

What gives conservatives? Why are we allowing the liberals to take control of Hollywood?

Are we really not “cool” enough for the scene?


Well, if you count production companies, there are many that are headed by conservatives. The most obvious example I can think of is NewsCorp, which owns 20th Century Fox. The acting and directing, however, is not the smartest way to make money. It requires gambles and creativity, whereas being the CEO of Newscorp is the job that requires actual business skill. The visible people and actors may be liberal, but the people behind the scenes I feel are often conservative.


It’s not quite that simple re production companies, Trekky. For example, there’s the Dreamworks triumvirate, Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen. And I’m not sure Murdoch is conservative rather than just being able to see and willing to serve a segment of the information marketplace unserved and contemned by the MSM. And while companies like Sony are probably led by relatively conservative execs, they have effectively told the “creative” people, “You’re the layers of golden eggs, keep on laying.”


Interesting questions JJF. What’s your take on it?